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 Netflix A good place to rent Maggie and Annie.





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Lets all look out for the Children of the world.  We are all they got.

Help us find missing Children

Parents do not let you kids get fat.  That is child abuse.  Fruits, Vegetables and Exercise.

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Lets help cure Children with Diabetes.

Report Child Abuse call 1 800 4 A CHILD save a child's life

 More about Kid's health

 State Sex Offender Registry Web Sites 


Be sure to check out the independent movie,

A Lesbian Love story

Maggie and Annie  

A Rainbow Chaser Production.



      Written and Directed


       Kimberly K. Wilson

Great Artist that contributed Music to Maggie and Annie

      Eve Selis Band at Powerhouse Park/Del Mar                   

                                                       Eve Selis Band                         Geoff Pearlman                                  Ali Weiss


                                                                           More Great Artist from the movie 


Give Hope TOMS  
Buy your next pair of shoes from Tom's.   For every pair you buy they give a pair to a needy child somewhere in the world.
Parents do no live your life through your kids.
Smoking Facts and why you need to quit 
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Ronald Regan once said,
 " The left sees the country the way they want it."
 "The Right sees the country the way they want it."
"The People in the middle see the country the way it is."
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