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Written By Kimberly K. Wilson

Based on the true story of Karla Faye Tucker Karla Faye Tucker

Brief Synopsis

In 1983 Karla Faye Tucker and boyfriend Daniel Garrett brutally Pickaxed  to death Jerry Lynn Dean and Deborah Thorton, in a drug induced craze.   They both were given the death penalty.   Jerry Lynn Dean died of liver disease on Texas's death row.   Karla Faye Tucker spent 14 years on death row before being executed on February 3, 1998.   While on death row she became a born again Christian and jail house preacher.    As Texas closed in on executing their first women in over 100 years it made national news, and the world began the protest.    After Karla Faye Tucker did several national interviews  the world could only see this innocent pretty Christian girl that Texas was about to  execute.






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