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Dear Kim,
A couple of nights ago I went over to Video West in Studio City to pick up a video to watch.  It was my good fortune to happen upon your wonderful movie, Maggie & Annie.  Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!! I can only imagine what you must have gone through to make this movie. It is one of the most emotionally powerful movies that I have seen in a long time. I realize the budget limitations that the movie was produced under, but it did not matter.  The depth of emotion and vulnerability that you were able to pull out of the actors was just overwhelming.  You did a fabulous job!  It dawned on me while watching the movie, that seeing so many of the current high budget movies that are so thin and void of great emotion, that the purity of what you did is what it is all about. I whole heatedly applaud you.  I wish you great happiness and continued success.  Thanks for making such a "wonderful" film.
Best regards,
Olivia Duke  www.oliviaduke.com


Hi Joy and Amy


 Awesome movie.   Can't stop watching it.  The love you too have in this movie is unbelievable.  When I watch this movie I can't help but hold my girlfriend tight.  I would be lost without her if something happened  like it does in your movie.

Becky from Illinois.




Hi Joy 

I wanted to tell you how great you were in Maggie and Annie.  I think I have seen it about 100 times now and I have only owned it for about a month.  My Girlfriend and I watch it all the time.   I tell her how cute you are,  and she gets so jealous.   I just laugh and tell her like I have any change to get with you and that she is who I love.    Oh  well I think you are great and hope to see you in more films.

     Dawn from Illinois


Dear  Kimberly , Joy and Amy

My girlfriend occasionally orders lesbian themed films for us to watch via Netflix; films which normatively are of predominately European manufacture, given the general reticence, or perhaps I should say, steadfast obstinacy, stateside to realistically portray gay or lesbian characters.  In almost every US film depicting lesbians, the personification varies little from the following (or perhaps I should say the  malignment):  lesbians are drunkards/drug addicts/social misfits, not interested in sex or too interested in sex,  victims of violence/oppression/rejection, dissatisfied/unhappy or worst case, lesbians are psychologically defective, murderous. More often than not, the lesbian characters aren't afflicted with just one of the above, its usually a combination! If this isn't the case, as in the instance of say, the L Word, then they must be portrayed as radically chic by overwhelmingly straight characters.  
With that in mind, I thought Maggie and Annie a very rare find, indeed.  I hope the film  is embraced as a solid backdrop for producing lesbian features that the wider lesbian audience can appreciate, coping with real issues common to lesbians without the patina of trying to appease straight culture at large.  

Ms Yandell, you were undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Your acting talent surpasses that of the mainstream, big name actresses in spades. 

Upper Montclair NJ



 I  saw Maggie and Annie At Blockbuster and thought it looked good and it was one of the very few lesbian themed movies that they had,  so I thought what the hell and I loved it.   I am from Saugus, Massachusetts its a town just outside Boston.   It is one of Mass' more homophobic towns but we're working on it.   Best of luck.






 I live in Winston Oregon and was in our local Blockbuster Video store in Roseburg Oregon. I saw the DVD Maggie and Annie in the new releases section. I subscribe to Wolfe Video and had seen the DVD advertised so I rented it. WOW! I have to say it was one of the best lesbian videos I have ever seen. And Joy Yandell was outstanding! I very much appreciated the positive portrayal of not only the lesbians in the movie but also the straight husband. It would be nice to live in a world someday where a straight man could be sensitive and nonviolent and so non-possessive.  I plan on buying the video.   Thanks for the wonderful work!


Sincerely,   Jackie 


Dear Ms. Wilson,

I just wanted to let you know how touched I was
by your film Maggie & Annie.  It's nice to know there
is a company out there that is making films with such
substance and real life situational themes.
I knew I wasn't the only lesbian woman who fell in
love with a married woman.    
Keep up the great work. 

Los Altos, Ca.  


Hi There

My name is Dee.  I  most recently found work at the blockbuster down the street from my house in Gurnee Illinois.  This couple came in and we found common ground right away when one spotted my rainbow wrist band.  They turned in the movie Maggie and Annie, and as routine I asked how it was, and one of them replied to me that it was, "such a great movie and (she) absolutely loved it."  being so curious and getting five free rentals a week I took it home with me and watched it actually last night.  9-4-04:  I overly enjoyed the movie. I thought that both the characters of Annie and Maggie were well developed. and given the low budget of the film, I absolutely loved it. (if you don't mind me saying) I thought the Joy Yandell as Maggie was very attractive,  hope to see her in more things.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, 

Sincerely, a loving fan.



Dear Ms. Yandell, (Maggie)


I have often wanted to write actors that have impressed me, but never have.  Not wanting to sound like some gushing fan, endeared to a character, acting like the person they are and the person they portrayed are one and the same, but after watching your feature, Maggie & Annie,  I am so compelled to make some what a fool of myself.   I rented the DVD and watched it twice, returned it and bought a copy and since watched it many more times.  To say that I found the story beautiful, romantic, and heart wrenching seems so lacking in the profound effect that your performance and that of your co-star had on me.   I can’t stop watching the film.


The better the actor the more believable the performance, but conveying certain kinds of emotions is harder then others, and your performance did not just look believable it felt that way.  Not only could I see the feeling of being in love in your character, but I also felt that emotion. The overwhelming joy and love and pain, I could feel, in watching your performance. I mean, conveying that kind of feeling in a straight character relationship, would be hard enough, but to convey that kind of feeling when it’s another women, I can't imagine.

I know as a lesbian, that showing that kind of feeling towards a guy, would be extremely difficult to pull off, but you did it brilliantly.


I think the scene when Annie tells you that you’re so pretty, the look on your face behind the beer glass, the way you answered thank you, my god, and the way you looked when you told her that you thought it was best if you didn't say what you thought of her, I could feel you both falling in love.  I absolutely love that scene.   I loved when you said  “look at me” that was so real for me. The pain you show when your dropping Annie off after the end of the drive, like someone just placed a thousand pound weight around your chest and it’s squeezing you so tight that you can’t breathe and you can’t move and you feel like the life has just been sucked right out of you,  I could so feel that in the look on your face.    Although each time I watch the movie,  just like when I watch one of my other favorite movies, “West Side Story”, I still hope the ending will be different every time.   Keep up the wonderful and thank you.




New York




 My friends and I rented Maggie & Annie and loved it.   We wish  you all the luck with your next project.   Keep up the great work.

 Erica -- North Carolina



Ok so I start watching thinking that I might have found another good lesbian drama.   

I will tell you if your movie falls in to the wrong hands it could be used against us.

 Not only for showing that the gay community likes to recruit people.  So my advice is thus don't

watch this movie unless you really want to feel heartbroken and beat up for being gay.

Kthatwsu -- Miami, Fl


Hi Ms Kimberly K. Wilson

Well, my husband and I went out to rent movies for a nice Saturday Night kicking back.  

We seen Maggie and Annie on the shelf.  After reading the synopsis we thought we would

give it a shot since I had a Lesbian that was madly in love with me at one time.  As we started

watching it and seen the low budget-ness in it.  We gave each other a,  what the hell did we rent

here, look.   We decided to stick with it for a bit and see where it goes.  Well it didn't take

long for it to suck us in.   After Maggie and Annie had their first beer together we were

hooked and the low budget-ness in it went out the door.   When the credits finally rolled I

was crying my eyes out and my husband had tears running down his cheeks.   We were blown

away by the story and the great acting by the lead girls- Especially Annie (Amy Thiel).  

We had a big budget movie next in line to watch but couldn't think of watching it because we

knew we would never be touched by it like we were your movie.    My husband said he now thinks

he understands women much better after watching your movie. "wow"   Our hats off to you.  

 It blew us away how such a low budget movie could touch us like it did.    A big Congratulation on

 a wonderful little masterpiece.

Katie and Craig -- Denver, Co



My name is Courtney and I am 16 years old.   I just watched Maggie & Annie two days ago and

cannot get enough of it!  When I watched it the first time a few days ago, all I did throughout the

whole movie was cry my eyes out especially at the end.  After that, I never thought I would want to

 see the movie again, but I realized how easily I came to love it.   The second time I watched it,

I cried just as much.   I have never seen such a sad movie in my life, but even though it is sad, it is

an excellent movie. I will probably sob every time I watch this movie, but all I can say is it would

be worth it. Thank you for such a wonderful movie!

Courtney -- Nashua, New Hampshire


This movie is great.    Deep and sad, but wonderfull.

 Neda,   from Bulgaria :)


Hi Maggie and Annie

I am writing to you to let you know how great Maggie and Annie was.  I cannot stop watching it.

There was so much heart felt emotion and sincerity.  I hope Joy Yandell  does more movies, 

She is a  brilliant actress. Her and Amy did a beautiful job together.   I hope they do a movie

together again.  I will be watching for new movies.  I do have one Question?  Was it hard to play a

lesbian role?  The girls were so believable in the parts if they are not gay.  When I watched the

movie for the first time I could feel the pain when Maggie dropped  Annie off.  The look in

Maggie's eyes just made me want to reach out to her.   Please keep up the wonderful work.

 love your fan  
   --  Houston, TX




The acting in "Maggie and Annie" was strong all around, but the stars blew me away. 

 I don't believe I have ever seen a real love scene before this film.  I have seen plenty

of sex scenes, both straight and gay, but these two actresses made me believe their

characters were madly, deeply, and uncontrollably in love.  May they both have great

success in their careers and their lives...they certainly deserve it!

Best wishes,
San Francisco


My partner and I just watched Maggie and Annie and loved the soundtrack.  I was wondering

if you had a copy and if so could I buy or burn a  copy off   you?  Or if it is on sale anywhere could

 you let me

know where.  It was a great film.    
Thanks  --  Lisa and Partner
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

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st finished watching this film for the 3rd time and I must tell you how true to life the story is. 

I was a "straight" women, married for 27 years with two adult children, when I met and fell totally

 in love with the woman of my dreams.  Never did I expect for this to happen, but my Mother used to

tell me "love goes where it's sent" - wow, was she ever right.  My 27-year marriage ended

in an ugly divorce, but I have been with my soul mate ever since and hope to be with her

forever more.   My partner introduced me to the movie.  After having seen it twice, we

introduced the movie to my daughter last night.    As you could probably guess (even though

there was nothing verbally said) the movie had an impact on both my daughter and myself due

to my personal circumstances.    Thank you for protraying what can actually happen in life!  


Kansas City, MO 



I have just watched the film having fallen upon it whilst browsing US DVD stores.

 I live in the UK and had never heard of the film.  And yes - I loved it. 

The 'low budget' didn't show at all.   Take care and thanks for a great film.

Best wishes and world peace -- Pam from the UK


 Hi All

I am here in Texas and I found the movie at a local Blockbuster. I think

the movie is so romantic and yet so true on how life and love is today. 

If more people were open about the possibilities then life would so much more


Carrollton, Texas


e saw recently rented Maggie and Annie at blockbuster.  We thought Amy Thiels  performance was

wonderful!   Thanks for taking the risk to play the part you did and for such a touching portrayal

of love.    We thought Joy Yandell was so beautiful and her performance was breathtaking. 

Thank you for taking the risk to play a lesbian role (we hardly get the luxury of a believable

 lesbian) and for such a fantastic performance.  We really thought it was so well done I would

expect to see it around more.

All the best, Rachel and Leila === Tampa, Fl



Festival Review

Maggie and Annie's Festival Success continued in front of a full house, at the  Silver Lake Film Festival.  In Los Angeles.    It's west coast debut was  a huge success.    As Maggie and Annie rolled the crowd response was awesome.  Through the entire film not one person left their seat, and when the credits  rolled the crowd cheered and applauded loudly.    

Congratulation again to the  Cast and Crew  of Maggie and Annie.   And Many thanks to all who came out to the West Coast Debut of Maggie and Annie.    You were able to experience the greatest love story ever film between two women.   PURCHASE

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What they had to say about Maggie And Annie

A Lesbian Love story from all angles.   A roller coaster ride of love and deception.  Great acting that takes you to an ending that hits you like a ton of bricks.   Out Takes Dallas   The Annual Lesbian and Gay film festival.  Check out their official site


 A tale of Love, desire and understanding.  Joy Yandell and Amy Thiel give performances that will touch your heart. The Silver Lake Film Festival. Official site


Great performances that draw you and won't let you go.  With the great soundtrack this is a gem of a movie worth seeing  Austin's Gay and Lesbian international film festival. official site


A powerful Lesbian love story with memorable performances from Joy Yandell and Amy Thiel.   The ending will shock you.  Fort Worth's Gay and Lesbian film festival. official site

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