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The Blue Collar movie review

By Peasant Sharecropper

Someone who has to pay to watch the movie


***** Great Movie      **** Theater    *** Rental  

**  If Free   * If On Death Row




Knocked Up

*** This is no 40 year old virgin but it is still pretty funny sometimes.   Katherine Heigl,  whom I have never heard of and at one point was wondering if it was  Charlize Theron.   I guess Heigl  is a TV star.   I wouldn't know.   I don't watch TV, unless it is called South Park.   She does a great job.  Seth Rogen whom helped carry 40 year old virgin is a great character actor but cannot carry a movie and the same goes for Heigl.   The buddies were very funny.   But the worthlessness of them wore out way before the movie ended.   If this movie would of stopped at 90 to 100 minutes it would have been okay but the 130 or 140 minutes was way to long for a comedy.       One of those movies I will never see again.  Leslie Mann did a wonderful job as the sister.   Her character carried the movie many times.    A good rental but don't waste the money for the theater. 


Grindhouse R


 *** Robert RodriguezQuentin Tarantino doing a B double feature can only be entertaining at worse.  This project had great intentions and when you have a little clout in Hollywood you can do projects like this.   I give them all  the credit in the world for taking this on and it was funny in alot of places but it is nothing but a Saturday night video rental with alot of beer and popcorn to take it all in.

                        **** Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror was a very good B Zombie movie.  I liked it alot.  Great characters and off the wall funny blood gore stuff.

                         ** Quentin Tarantino's Death proof is a bad C movie at best.   Just terrible.   Way to wordy and a D car chase seen.   I almost fell asleep.   Hope Tarantino's next flick doesn't compare to this.                      


Black Snake Moan R

Black Snake Moan

*****March and we have a great movie already.  But after seeing the week departed win best picture I am sure this movie will have no shot at an academy.  Wonderfully directed by Craig Brewer this movie takes us to the far south.  I think.  Doesn't really say.  Samuel L. Jackson whom just had he wife leave with his brother it trying to find God. Christina Ricci a sex addict whom was raped when she was a little girl, was found beaten unconscious along the side of the road by Jackson.  He takes her home and nurses her back to health.   She tries to leave before she is cured by the devil.  Jackson chains her up with a big logging chain.  The movie is nothing but joyous from here on it.   Two small time city losers become a close father daughter team that bond together.  Justin Timberlake also does a great job with his little part.  Jackson and Ricci should both bet nomination this fall but this movie will be forgotten by the idiot academy voters.



The Departed  Awarded best picture of 2006.     Shows how week out movies are when a film like this get best picture of the year.   Not a bad movie but if this is the best Hollywood can do how sad.   Or the idiots that do the academy voting.   This was nothing more then a good rental.   I doubt if I ever watch it again.

Letter from Iwo Jima R


Letters from Iwo Jima

*****My pick for best picture of the year by far.   A brother to the movie Flags of our father.  Clint Eastwood is all you really have to say.   Again the greatest director of our time if not of all time.  Ken Watanabe is great and a very wonderful screen presents.  Along with all the cast this movie is so wonderful you forget there are even subtitles.   I loved it.


Rocky Balboa pg

Rocky Balboa

****Hello old buddy.  Now before I  go on about this movie I should tell you there is no bigger fan of the Rocky Series then I.  With the original Rocky in my top 10 of all time you can about imagine what my review will be on Rocky Balboa.   From the first Rocky in 1976, yes 30 years ago.   The fight which ends all of the films has lost its spark as the series continued.   Don't get wrong still good but not the impact as the first two had.  This one was no better.   Now to the movie.   Until the fight started the movie was wonderful.   To me it was like seeing an old friend again.  Rocky Balboa will go down in cinema history as one of the greatest characters ever brought to the silver screen.  In Rocky III, IV, V the real Rocky kinds of left his roots.   Why I love everything about this movie except the fight was the Rocky we came to love came back to us.   The story was very warm and tender and superbly written by Sylvester Stallone.   When he chews out his kid in a Vince Lombardi like speech on winning it was as good as any fight could have been.   Goodbye old buddy.   Its like Pualie,  Burt Young  says to him, "Hey Rock, I love ya"    Thanks Sly for giving us Rocky - It was nice saying goodbye to him----------------I hope


Blood Diamond R

Blood Diamond

*****This has to be one of the best movies of the year.  Directed wonderfully by Edward Zwick.  It should get a best picture nominee.  Leonardo DiCaprio  proves again why he is one of the best actors around and should also get a nomination.  Even if the cigarette smoking was getting to me.  He never put it down for 3/4 of the movie. Djimon Hounsou  has a wonderful screen presents and hold his own and almost steals the whole movie from Leo.  Also could get a nomination. - Jennifer Connelly did a good job for the little part she had.   The cinematography was breathtaking.   Will also open up the people eyes that love diamonds.   Brutal world out there.   Not for kids.  Awesome movie.  A must see at the theater.   Loved it.

The Good Shepard R

The Good Shepherd

*A good sheep Shepard would even be bored to death with this disaster.   And what a long boring disaster this is.   Acting is good but every other aspect of this movie is a big flop.   I think Robert De Niro  was trying to make his , Once Upon a Time in America  The Godfather  The Deer Hunter  all in one.  But this time he was no Francis Ford Coppola Michael Cimino,  Sergio Leone.  This movie is 3 hours of bore and all over the place.   1961 back to 1938 to 61 to 42 to 62 to 46 - Oh my God.   You would have to watch this movie 6 times to try and figure out what the hell is going on.   Once this makes video there will be very few on this earth that will be able to sit through it without hitting the pause and checking the ball scores or tomorrow's weather.   The casting was awful.   Matt Damon didn't change age in 22 years the movie covers.  All they did was change his glasses.  Never should have been cast for this.   When his kid grows up he looks like Matts little brother at best.   Then out of the blue Joe Pesci  pops in the movie for 3 minutes- It was like De Niro felt bad he had no parts for his buddy  so he went to the writer and told him to write something for him.  Then Pesci pops off a bunch of racist stuff to fill his screen time.   If any other director would have done this film none of these actors would have done this movie.   What the hell was Angelina Jolie  thinking   - I guess De Niro is why  -  This is the worst movie I paid to see in years.   Should fade into oblivion on the big and small screen- One bad movie.


Apocalypto R


Apocalypto****Maya culture history lesson  here.  Base on true facts.  Mel Gibson is a great director no matter what he does in his personal life.  I was expecting it to be much more gory then it was.   We have no idea how easy we have it in life.   Watch this movie and I think anyone will appreciate life more.   Mel cast it with all no names and the cinematography makes it all looks so real.   I won't go into the story but it is about survival of the Maya Civilization.   Real people with real feelings that could have their life taken away at any split second.   Great movie -  will lose alot on a small screen. Go see it.


The Nativity Story pg

The Nativity Story

*** A little movie that tried.   All the credit in the world for trying to walk in Mel Gibson's footsteps with a story of Jesus.  At least this one was a very warm and loving movie compared to Gibson's three hours of blood and guts of the beating of Jesus.    I liked this one but it's  not powerful enough for the big screen.   Nice little Christmas rental for years to come.  Mary was played very well by Keisha Castle-Hughes, (Whale Rider) and David by Oscar Isaac.  It is still the greatest story ever told no matter what your religious  belief are.    Now Merry Christmas


Casino Royale pg13

Casino Royale

****Daniel Craig is a freaking stud.   None of the other James Bonds could carry his jock strap.   This movie offers alot of great action and a tad love story.   A bit to long in a few places but that doesn't really effect anything.   Not a James Bond fan at all going in but this guy will put this character at an all time high.   Along with his toughness his coolness rules the screen.    Will get your money's worth with this film.   Kicks ass.  Can't wait for the next one.


Deja Vu PG13

Deja Vu

*** Where do we start with this one.  I guess we have to bag on the worst part of the movie.  The ending.   Oh I forgot it didn't have one.   I thought the writing was great but in order to be a great writer you have to come up with a good ending.   This script is wonderfully written until the end.  Bill MarsiliiTerry Rossio  wrote themselves out of one.   Give me a break.   The ending is like, awe the audience is dumb they will figure out something.   Away from the ending the movie is very wonderfully acted- Denzel WashingtonJames Caviezel, and directed, Tony Scott.   A modern day - sci fi - time travel film.   Paula Patton  could be Halle Berry's twin sister.   She did a good job with this.   Her part was small but done very nicely.   She will have to prove herself in a bigger role.   Although I liked this movie alot is is very hard to follow and will lose most people.  Hope not because it is worth seeing even if the ending is bad and doesn't due the other 98 % of the film justice.    


The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada R

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

*****A great directorial debut for Tommy Lee Jones.   This is what movie are made to be.  A great story, great acting top by a great directing job by Jones who  makes this a wonderful surprise.   Rancher Jones adopts a Mexican Immigrant  Melquiades Estrada, played by  Julio Cedillo.  Cedillo shooting at a coyote missed and sends bullets at  patrol agent played wonderfully by Barry Pepper.  He shoots back and accidentally kills Cedillo.  The boarder patrol cover it up until Jones finds out and takes revenge on Pepper in a wonderful way.   Pepper should be nominated for an academy.   Just a great performance.   It probably won't happen but Jones could easily get an Oscar nod for his directing.   This is what a movie should be.   Great all the way around.   One of the years best.

Flags of our Fathers R

Flags of Our Fathers

***** Clint Eastwood behind the camera and a movie is almost a can't miss.   This one should again get quit a few Oscar nominations.    Most Americans don't know much about the battle of Iwo Jima.  All they know is the famous Photo.   This is not only a great movie but a history lesson to boot.   War is a tough thing and unless you were there, there is really no way to understand the people that went through it.  Clint takes the story back and forth.   He tells the story how the feds used the three surviving members that raised the flag, to sell war bonds.   This is no movie for young kids.   Lots of blood and guts for reals.   Adam Beach stars as Ira Hayes.   He very well could get an Oscar Nomination.  Also many other young actors that do a wonderful jobs.   A can't miss.   Johnny Cash wrote a song about Ira Hayes years ago   .


The Departed  R

The Departed

***With a director like Martin Scorsese and a cast with the following Leonardo DiCaprioMatt DamonJack NicholsonMark WahlbergAlec Baldwin ,  you would think that you have a can't miss - Well it was close but overall I will have to say I was expecting more and a more sophisticated ending.   The ending was a cop out by a great filmmaker whom didn't have an ending so he figured lets just kill everyone and end it that way.  The acting was great on all ends.  Story had all this potential but again with no ending.  You end this movie with any kind of twist  you have academy stuff - but to me it all went out the door with the ridicules unrealistic  ending -    rent it at best.

Little Miss Sunshine R

Little Miss Sunshine

**** This movie sure was a pleasant ray of sunshine.   I laughed pretty hard at times.  It had its drag and unrealistic moments but overall was a very enjoyable time at the movies.    A dysfunctional family that takes a road trip from New Mexico to California so Olive, played wonderfully by Abigail Breslin can compete in the little miss Sunshine beauty pageant.  AKA- Jonbonet Ramsey pageant.  Olive wins her local hillbilly pageant but when she gets to LA she sees that the other contestants are little beauty queens.   Her grandpa played  by Alan Arkin teaches her dance moves that bring the house down in the wrong way.   For the first 3/4 of the movie Alan Arkin steals the movie.   He was so damn funny I could not stop laughing.  Greg Kinnear  Toni Collette  Steve Carell are all wonderful.   Great little sleeper of a movie.  Not for you kids -  Liked it alot.


Invincible pg13


****Being a hard core Football fan and also knowing a true Eagles fan I found this movie very touching and uplifting.    Vince Papale is a wonderful story.   A football Rocky.   It is a story of a man that was down and out in 1976, lost his job and his wife.  Tended bar to try and pay the rent.   Went to a football tryout for the Eagles and made the team.   The story is not only about football but about south Philly buddies and the bond they had.  Mark Wahlberg is one of the best actors in the game today.  He finally gets a movie to show it. Greg Kinnear is wonderful as always.  Many other also turn in fine performances.   I liked it alot.   Won't win any awards but a very enjoyable movie to see.


 World Trade Center pg 13

World Trade Center

***** POWERFUL is all I can really say.   I have always felt Oliver Stone was one of the better directors of our time but his conspiracy theory films kind of took its toll on me.  I sure hope this is the new Oliver Stone because he should be a shoe in for the Oscar this year.   I laughed, cried,  squirmed in my chair, felt angry, felt proud, but over all overall felt like I just watched an amazing movie.   September 11th changed America.  Bush haters will hate this movie because it shows something good that came out of September 11th.   Two NY Port Authority Policeman , played  by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena , trapped in the rubble and how a marine, Dave Karnes played by  Michael Shannon found them and others risk their lives to get them out.   September 11th divided our country even more.   Bush haters have tore this movie up.   They just want nothing positive to happen to this country while he is President.   Even an uplifting movie that is not political.   What this movie tells is,  what two families went through the first 24 hours after the towers fell.  They were the lucky ones.   As we all know many didn't make it.   Oliver Stone made you feel what the trapped men felt and what the families felt.      Michael Pena should easily get an Oscar nod.          When you think  of  Oliver Stone making a movie about September 11th you would think he would have the buildings coming down and Bush pushing the button.-   (I guess that version will be made soon by Charlie Sheen or Michael Moore)   - But no he stays away from that and tells one hell of a courageous story.      Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal did wonderful jobs playing the wives.   The is a must see film.   Will be hard to see a better picture this year.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby pg13

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

*** How much of Will Ferrell can you take?   If you can take alot of him then you will enjoy this movie to no end.   A big fan of his but the running around in the underwear,  yelling is starting it wear thin.   At the beginning there is funny scene that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.   The family getting ready to eat dinner.   I thought to myself this is going to be one heck of a funny movie.  Well it was all down hill from here.  Don't get me wrong I did laugh a few times here and there the rest of the way but the whole movie wore thin.   I felt like I was watching one big commercial.  The endorsements sold for the film will pay all of Ferrell's salary alone.  I don't think there is a product on the market in the free world that wasn't plugged in this movie.  Watch the race car movies start to roll now.  Will Ferrell is a very funny guy.   John C. Reilly also did a wonderful job.   Molly Shannon was funny with her little part.   First I have seen Greg Germann   seen since Ali Mcbeal.   If you have seen the trailers you have seen over half the funny scenes in the movie.   Will be an okay rental.   It will be one of those movies that will play for years on the tube.   Good rental when it comes out.

Clerks II big R

Clerks II

 **** I  never saw the first movie so I didn't know what to expect going in but this is my kind of movie.   Funny as fuck.  And believe me, if you do not want to hear the work fuck you should stay away from this movie.    Because this is one fucking funny movie.    Not really familiar with Kevin Smith.  I know he made the first Clerks with little or no money.    I guess now after some success in Hollywood he didn't abandoned what got him here.   I am not into sequels but since I never seen the first one this one rules.   No names like Brian O'Halloran Jeff Anderson Jason Mewes fit these parts like a glove.  It has been a long time since I heard out loud laughing at a movie like I did in this one.  Me included.   The big surprise for me was Rosario Dawson .   Not only very pretty but also a very good actor.    This movie   should make her a household name, or at least get her a top notch gig.   Very nice screen present.    If you like raunchy filthy humor and alot of f-bombs this is for you.    Liked it alot.

You, Me and Dupree pg13

You, Me and Dupree

**I was at the theater and a bad movie moved in and would not leave.   It had its cute parts but this will go down as the dumbest movie of the year.   Owen Wilson moves in with Matt Dillon and Goldie's daughter - The nightmare not only begins for Dillon and Goldie's daughter but for movie goers.   The fun just wore thin and it became more idiotic as the clock ticked away.    Rent it and you may have a good time. 

Superman Returns pg

Superman Returns

*** The super is missing in this man.  I guess it is not right for me to judge this movie.   When I think of Superman I will always think of Christopher Reeve  and when I think of Lois Lane it will always be Margot Kidder and when I think of Lex Luther it could only be Gene Hackman --  And when I think of a Superman Movie none will ever top the 1978  Richard Donner film.  To me it was one of the best films of all time.   Saying all that this Superman is not bad.   Just not really good.   For starters too long.   At 2 1/2 hours they could have easily cut it down to 2 hours.   The sad part about this movie is it ended with the sequels already in pre-production I am sure -- Brandon Routh looks the part but is an awful actor in this role.   At least when dialog comes into play.  Kate Bosworth does do a nice job playing Lois Lane but again, her and Superman have no chemistry..   Kevin Spacey plays a good villain but he couldn't wear Hackman's jockstrap as Lex Luther.   Parker Posey does a wonderful believable job as Kitty, Lex's girlfriends   James Marsden has a great screen presents and is a huge star on the rise.   The action scenes were good but overly worked.   The movie was okay but I will never watch it again.  I think I will toss in the 1978 version and watch the real Superman.

Nacho Libre pg13

 Nacho Libre

**** What a wonderful surprise.   Not being a big Jack Black fan I will have to say he did an absolutely wonderful job in this one.   A Mexican Friar who moonlights as a wrestler to help feed the children of the orphanage.  Directed by the same guy Jared Hess whom  directed Napoleon Dynamite (2004).   He is a very good comedic director and I am looking forward to his future movies.   Jack Black stars and is the movie.   I laughed very hard throughout the movie, especially the ending battle.   This was a very very fun time at the movies.    We cannot say that about many movies these days.    Loved it.    Also a great soundtrack.


The Da Vinci Code PG 13

 The Da Vinci Code





****This film may not be the holy grail but following them on the search for it was rather fun.   Two hours and 50 minutes long and it goes pretty fast.   I guess if you are a Jesus freak religious fanatic you may find this movie offensive.  If you watch it as a movie about the Greatest Story ever told then you will find it very good.    Ron Howard   is one of the best directors out there.   Tom Hanks is very good like always but this is a rather stand out performance.   Audrey Tautou  does a find job who ever the heaven she is..   Ian McKellen is one of the finest actors of our time.  He shows it here again.  Paul Bettany  plays a great villian.   Jean Reno is in the movie and that is about it.   His career has went nowhere but down hill since the professional.    The movie is not slow like many critics say.  I think most of them for some reason hate Ron Howard.    I don't think Howard could make a bad movie if he tried.   I like this one alot.

The Sentinel PG 13

The Sentinel





**** Good to see Michael Douglas back doing a movie that is worth seeing.  This is a very intense movie.   Like all movies these days you can pick it apart in several unrealistic scenes but overall it moves by fast.  Kiefer Sutherland  also does a really good job.   I have never scene his TV show but he belongs on the big screen.   Aging very well.   Eva Longoria also does well.  I have not seen here TV show.  She handles a gun pretty well for being such a tiny thing next to the guys.  Kim Basinger is good as always but the role is very weak for her.  I hope this wasn't the best that came her way.  She is much better then a role like this.   It is about a snitch inside the secret service and Douglas is accused of it.    I liked it alot and would suggest it to all of adult age.

Inside Man pg13

Inside Man

*** Inside man is spelled Clive Owen  This movie had all it takes to get going but just does not have the wam bam ending I thought was going to come.  Cute but not great.   Very cleverly written about a bank robbery that is suppose to go sour.   The robbers want no money just a safe deposit box that contains diamonds and notes from the Hitler era.   The banker, Christopher Plummer sold out his Jewish counterparts during the holocaust and became rich from it over the years.   Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington do fine jobs like always but Owen will still most movies he is in these days.   He has a presents on the screen we have not seen since and early Clint Eastwood.   Will be a good rental.   Thought is was okay.


Lucky Number Slevin R

Lucky Number Slevin





***Another pulp fiction wanna B.   Saying that it turned out pretty good.  If you like hard core killing this will be your movie.   Bruce Willis plays a veteran hit man back in town for a big job.   From here the movie goes all over the place.  If you go the bathroom you will lose what is going on.   The directing gets kind of cute-z maybe a little too much.   Good written story, just really hard to put it on the screen.  Josh Hartnett is just not believable in this role.  Lucy Liu is the only real bright spot of the characters.  Morgan Freeman  and Ben Kingsley  also very good.  It will be a very good rental.   I liked it.

V for Vendetta R

V for Vendetta

** For starters if you hate America and the West in general you will at least love the storyline.   Terrorist win,  Terrorist win.   Government bad, government bad.   Now to the movie.   I guess I can recommend this to some and not to others.   Overall I will say I kind of liked it.   It did drag thou.   Had its cute parts and nice little twist here and there but overall it is all over the place.   It will be a little to all over the place for most people.  Natalie Portman is wonderful as always.   Good to see Stephen Rea back doing some good work.   He is a very good actor.   John Hurt is about over the top as one can be.   Seeing him get killed was a relief to get him off the screen.   the movie is about a terrorist getting even with the government.   Flip a coin.  I would wait and rent it.    If you go to the bathroom you will be left out in the dark on what is going on.   Get caffeine in you or you may fall asleep.    Was okay.   Not saying alot for the 2006 box office so far.



Brokeback Mountain        Crash             Capote          Munich         Good Night, and Good Luck.  

  ***           *****        *****               **

     Crash best picture of 2005



Goodnight, and, Good Luck  PG 13

Good Night, and Good Luck.

** Goodnight and good luck watching this movie.   This by far will be the worst movie ever nominated for best picture.   David Strathairn,  Best actor nomination over the likes of Russell Crowe Cinderella Man.   Give me a break.  This movie should have gotten no nominations -  I can tell you right now the academy will be the lowest watch academy in the history of the show.   No one really cares what the content is in a movie but for the love of God at least nominate good movies.   Now saying that this movie will be okay when on the tube for free.   Don't waste a penny on it.   I won't even go over the movie because it is not worth my time. 

Capote R


***** If any film deserves best picture this one sure does.   What a wonderful movie and wonderful job by Philip Seymour Hoffman.    Bennett Miller is a guy like many others in the business if giving a chance can churn out a great movie like this.  The studios need to jump all over this guy.   Didn't know what to expect going in.   About all I knew about  Truman Copete was the comedians imitating him in the 70s.   Philip Seymour Hoffman should be a shoe-in for best actor this year.   Although the brokeback guys did a good job,  he rules.   Not only mastering the voice but the emotions to go with it.    Based on Capote's book In Cold Blood it covers the infatuation of his with the killer and the execution.   A do not miss movie.   A close second behind Crash for best picture of the year.   Loved it.

Brokeback Mountain R

Brokeback Mountain

*** Well we hear nothing but this is not a gay Cowboy Movie well this is a Gay Cowboy Movie.  A good one at that.    Not great but good.  To long and slow.   It was like when Ang Lee filmed it,  if all else failed the scenery will at least keep the people entertained.   For all the homo phob guys this is very light as far as the guys all over each other,  although they are alot but not in the sexual way.    Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal,  and  Michelle Williams all did wonderful jobs and I guess their nominations are well deserved.    They really pushed Michelle's Williams character aside.   The movie should have had a lot more to do with her.   That is were the movies fails.  She finds out about her husband and the next thing they are in front of lawyers getting a divorce.  Very weak.   She did the best should could with her small role.  It will be a nice rental but if this is one of or the best movie of the year I guess it just shows how bad the movies were in 2005 -  This is no Man with no name meets Rooster Cogburn kind of cowboy movie.   I like it.

Crash R



 *****My best movie of the year so far.   An edgy racist filled movie that shows the sides of all races and the good and bad in all of us.   I laughed hard and broke a few tears.   If you have ever seen the Movie Magnolia it is made in the same way.   This is what you look for when you go to the movies.   Sandra Bullock  had a very small and weak role.  A paycheck for her and that is about it.  Don Cheadle carries most of the film and is great as always.   One of the better actors working today.   Matt Dillon  is a great screen presents.   By the time his career is done he will have 100 or more films under his belt.   Comedy or Drama  he is great.  Terrence Dashon HowardThandie NewtonLudacris,   Larenz Tate  all give great memorable performances.   There is alot of movies yet to come out this year and there may be some just as good but there will not be one any better.    It could of easily got a PG 13 rating, so if your kid is over 13 this movie would be okay.    Love it.

Match Point R


*** For the first hour I was wondering what the heck I was doing in the theater watching this movie.  To say the least it was very very slow and will lose most people.   I have never watched many   Woody Allen  movies I really didn't know what to expect.  About an ex tennis pro Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who gets a job teaching at a local rich club.   The Rich guy's daughter,  Emily Mortimer  falls in love with him but he falls in love with the rich guy's son's girl, Scarlett Johansson - he marries the rich guys daughter while he is having an affair with his future sister in law.   When he has to make a choice between Scarlett Johansson or his wife, her rich family and the great lifestyle he is living, he does just that.   Will have to say it was a wild ending.  It saved the first boring hour of the movie and the movie itself.   Great acting and great writing by Woody Allen.  Will be a great rental but make sure you drink plenty of coffee or you will fall asleep and miss the good part. 

Fun with Dick and Jane PG 13


***At least Dick Jane had fun with this movie but I doubt if many others will.   Don't get me wrong Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni are great together and do a great job but the overall movie is just plain weak to say the least.   Jim Carrey loses his job and he and Téa Leoni  go on a robbing spree and everyone lives happily ever after.   Little more to it then that but not much.   I never seen the 1977 flick with Jane Fonda but if the story is the same I cannot see how it could be any better.   Jim Carrey  in any movie will be entertaining to some extent.  Alec Baldwin collected an easy paycheck.   I think if they could have kept it a little more realistic the movie would have some legs at the box office,  but this one will fad fast and I mean fast.   I did laugh a few times and one of the funniest came when the credits started to roll and they named all the corporate big wigs now in jail for ripping off their company.

King Kong pg13


***** Jurassic Park meets King King- I will have to say the first 45 minutes is slow but still entertaining.  When they hit the island the Peter Jackson sets in.  Non stop the rest of the next 2 hours and 10 minutes - yes over three hours long but it goes fast.  Outside of a goofy dinosaur stampede the movie is great.  Naomi Watts lights up the screen like no other - cannot see any other actor playing this role.    Stole Kong's heart and will steal yours.  Jack Black and Adrien Brody do wonderful jobs  but Naomi Watts and Kong steal the movie.   Great fight scene between Kong and T-Rex's - keeps you on the edge of your chair.   Not a kid's movie - 13 or over for a few reasons - one it is very scary in some places and the beginning will bore the kids to death.   A must see on the big screen - will lose alot on TV unless you have one of those 5k tubes.  Loved it.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  R


** Yawn, yawn a few special effects - yawn yawn - Well, I will not waste alot of time with this movie.   Have not seen any of the other -- thank god- but the story was still weak - and I would never take any kid under 13 to this movie- dark and scary in some spots - to long  at 2 1/2 hours.   To much kid's jabber etc,etc,etc, maybe if I had watched the other movies this one would have been better but that is no excuse to have a weak story - This would have been a great Disney Sunday night movie on TV.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang R



 **Kiss Kiss bang bang bore bore funny funny - Has its funny stuff but just a little to all over the place for me.   Story is weak to say the least - Shane Black thought he was making Pulp Fiction II-   Robert Downey Jr. is good but looks awful- off the drugs but hardly ever a scene without a cigarette in his mouth -  Val Kilmer looked like he didn't want to be there - Michelle Monaghan  stole most of the scenes.  She was good all the way around.   I caught myself dozing off a few times but the killing got me back on track - still don't get the story - to messed up.    Liked the way it was done if it only had a stronger story ond plot-  A mild okay from me. 

The Weather Man R


****This weatherman gets the forecast right for once.  Nicolas Cage is a man that has it all in the business world but his personal life is a disaster.   A wonderfully written script by Steve Conrad and beautifully directed by Gore Verbinski .    Off the wall dark comedy that makes you laugh when you wonder if you should be laughing.   Cage is a Chicago weatherman that gets no respect from anyone.   His wife left him and is getting married.    He wants her back.   His overweight daughter,  his troubled son and his counselor that tries to molest him all add the taste that a movie like this needs to keep you very entertained.   Let not forget Michael Caine    Always great all the time.     This is a movie with real people in real situations.   Nicolas Cage could get an academy nomination.   He is very wonderful and believable in  playing a real person.    Liked it.


Two for the Money R



 **** This is all for the Money.   A very slick movie with great acting performances by Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey .    This is Al Pacino's best role in years.   They story is very well written.   The betting game is really hard to follow.   Outside of that it is a really fun movie to watch.   You are waiting for disaster to strike but it never does.   Rene Russo  looks like death warmed over.   Bad enough she is 52 years old but she must weight 90 pounds soaking wet.   Looks awful.   Thank God she is a good actor but I think her career is as good as over unless she puts on some weight.   Sports betting movie is the last thing you would want to go to the movies to see,  but  Al Pacino and  Matthew McConaughey make it all worth the price of admission. D.J. Caruso  does a great job directing and we will be seeing more of his movies to come.   Worth seeing.   Liked it.   You can bet on this one.


A History of Violence R


**** This very good movie has killing like a  Dirty Harry film and sex scenes that top  9 1/2 weeks.   They push the envelope to that NC 17 rating but didn't get it.  Viggo Mortensen plays a father and great husband that runs a small diner in nowheresville USA.  One day two serial killers try to rob him at closing time.   Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood appear from within his skin.  He disarms and kills both of them in a matter of seconds saving the killing of a waitress.   He becomes a hero and it makes national news.   The kicker now is he use to be a mafia hired killer, a secret he never told his wife and kids - Now they are after him.  I will let you go from there.  Maria Bello is awesome and a very wonderful big screen presents.  Ashton Holmes as the son does a nice little job.     Gives you everything you need at the movies  Viggo Mortensen  shows why he is one of the best working today.     William Hurt  and Ed Harris make great appearance that keep reminding us how great they really are.  If you like Sex - Violence and a few giggles this is your film.   A can't miss.  Loved it.


An Unfinished Life PG 13


***** This is about as good as it gets at the movies.   Lasse Hallström  hits the nail on the head with this one.  The cinematography alone is worth the price of a ticket.   Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman bring two characters to the screen that will last a lifetime as long as movies are shown.  This is a movie that in ten years when you are flipping channels and come across it you will pull up a chair and enjoy it again for the ump-teenth time.   There is not a sexier actor on the screen today then Jennifer Lopez.  She is becoming a very good actor also.   She holds her own and more here.   She is just plan hot.   With  a cast like this Becca Gardner  does all she can not to steal the movie from them all.   She is adorable and wonderful in the Daughter and Granddaughter role.   What a wonderful young actor.   Her career is only just begun.   This is a do not miss movie - Great story that will make you laugh and cry.   Will easily make my top five this year.  Josh Lucas - Damian Lewis -Camryn Manheim  also carry their own.

The Constant Gardener  R


** This is one Garden where the weeds just got to high.   A dull all over the place movie.   A awful film to bring to the table on the aids problem in Africa.    Ralph Fiennes  is a great actor and good here but cannot save this big bore.   I am so sick of the Directors trying fancy camera work.  One point they film it like the DP (director of Photography) is walking with the camera on his shoulder.   Or in other words you are letting a 9 year old use the camcorder.  I got so bored at one point I fell asleep for a minute or two.    A free movie of the week should have been the max for this film.    This one will fade fast at the box office.     Forget it.

Broken Flowers R



** These Broken flowers are lost in Translation.   Laugh - bore - laugh - bore - chuckle - bore. Bill Murray needs to go back to comedy and stop taking our money trying to show us he can act.   It is almost like he is trying not to be funny and doesn't want to be funny.   Nothing else on the tube and your kicking it,  this may be your movie.   If you can stay awake.     Jeffrey Wright is the only real bright spot in this film.   Very funny.   Jessica Lange and Sharon Stone do nothing roles.   Slim pickings if they have to take something like this.   Alexis Dziena is hot.  Full nude body of a 19 year old.   It is in this movie.   I guess if you have a body like that who wouldn't want to show it off..  She was a bright spot in more ways then one.   Come on Bill, give us back the Bill Murray we all have came to love.  Not this crap.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin


****In this day and age of special effects and bad movies this one is a breath of ------- filthy funny air.   Word of month will make this movie a huge hit of the year.    That is if you like a little R rated filthy sex talk in the funny way.   Me along with the crowd laughed our asses off throughout most of the movie.    To top the film off it even had a love story.   People will get 100 % more then they expected when they go to see this flick.   After watching at least, 15 trailers, 14 bad - Redford- Freeman and Lopez look like a hit coming-- Virgin makes you forget about the everyday world we live in.  Steve Carell (anchorman and comedy central)  is very funny in his first major role.    Seth Rogen as the side kick is just as funny and maybe ever funnier.  Catherine Keener is as hot as any 45 year can be in the movies these days.  "wow"   Great actor also.   The rest of the cast plays along well also.  there is not  many movies you can go to these days and laugh your ass off but this is one,  if you like everyday R rated life.    Hard not to like it.  Good all the way around.

Bad News Bears PG 13


*** One word says it all and that is  Billy Bob Thornton ,  no other actor in the biz can handle a beer can, smoke and swear like this guy, and still be believable.   He can play the blue collar guy till the sun comes up and will always be successful.   This is just a PG 13 of Bad Santa.   I laughed alot and all because of him.   The kids, well they did okay but most all were bad actors.   But not really alot here to showcase their talents.  Will be a great rental when it comes out.   Greg Kinnear does a good job along with  Marcia Gay Harden,   but Billy Bob steals the scenes and movie.   Liked it alot.   My favorite line,   Kids ask him to take them to Tony Roma's,  He says, " I can't afford a place like that.  I have to kill Rat and Mice for a living ( he's an exterminator) to pay for my Trailer-----------In Sunland----------In a wash.



Wedding Crashers  R


**** Didn't expect a whole lot going in but got plenty.   Well worth the money for this movie if you like raunchy humor.    Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson  are a great buddy combo.    Two guys that crash weddings to pick up chicks.   All goes well until of course they both fall in love for reals.    Christopher Walken's  dysfunctional family is one of the best I have seen in the movies in a long time.   They are hilarious.   I laughed lots.   Just a great cast.  Rachel McAdams (Notebook) plays a role that suits her well.   The fall in love gal.   She has wonderful screen presents and her career has only begun.    Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will make a great pair and hope they consider doing more films together.  They were a joy to watch.  Will Farrell make a funny cameo appearance at the end.   R rated but will still be good when they cut it for TV.  Liked it.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pg 13



 **  This movie is far from sweet candy.  More like melted chocolate.  Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors but just misses this one.  I have never seen the Gene Wilder film but I hear it is the same story as this.   This is too adult for kids and to kiddish for adults.  Kids got restless and were talking throughout the movie.  A guy next to me was talking on his cell phone.  This will be a good Sunday night at the movies on the tube.   It will have a big opening and then drop out of the theaters fast.   Johnny Depp is a very good actor but it has been a while since we have seen him take on a real person.   An easy paycheck here for him and a nothing role.  Freddie Highmore (finding neverland ) is a wonderful little actor.   More then I can say for the other kids in this film.  They must be related to the filmmakers because they are bad.  Acting with a capital A.   Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorites but this is a paycheck and nothing role for her.   Wait for the tube.   Will never watch it again.



War Of The Worlds pg 13



***Suspenseful, Scary, nice special effects,  and a whole lot of nothing else.    Only Steven Spielberg could save a movie like this.   He had to get half way through it and wonder what the hell is was doing with something like this.   Aliens attack - they kill people and then out of the blue they die without  any explanation really.   Tom Cruise is good as always, but is not on the movie poster for a reason.   Dakota FanningJustin Chatwin are both really bad.  The bad acting is at its best.   Why would Spielberg cast Chatwin, a 23 year old in real life to play Cruise's teenage son that is several inches taller then Cruise.  Chatwin should be dating Katie Holmes.  Speilberg and Cruise will try to forget about this one fast.   Rent it.  Oh I forgot about Tim Robbins, yeah.




Batman Begins PG 13


*****Now this is a movie.  Starts out just a tad slow but once it gets going look out.   Christopher Nolan is the man behind this hit.   Tim Burton got it close but Nolan hits the nail on the head.   This movie is Batman at his best.  Christian Bale is the perfect cast for Bruce Wayne aka Batman - When you cast a well known actor it never works or loses it believability.   Bale has a recognizable face but just not a household name.   Fans will only connect him to being Batman and do not see the other characters he has played - Like Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton.  Love the darkness of the town and the making of the Bat Cave and how Batman came about.   Just loved it all.  Once this movie gets going you will be on the edge of your seat till the credits role.  Morgan Freeman  is awesome like always.  Got to love him.   Good to see  Gary Oldman play a good guy for once.  Michael Caine,   Liam NeesonRutger Hauer  all were wonderful in their roles.   Katie Holmes , oh well, very cute to look at but a nothing role for her.   If Christopher Nolan directs the next one with the Joker I will be waiting in line.   Like it alot.



Mr. & Mrs. Smith PG 13


*** Dumb to say the least.  Probably the dumbest entertaining movie I have seen in a long time.   A no thinker here.  Toss two of the hottest stars in a shoot'um up weak story and you get a hit.   It is real sad that we get this as one of the better movies this summer.   They kill more people then Arnie and Clint together in a movie.    A PG 13- what the hell is with this rating.   Kill 150 people  and get PG 13 - show a tit or say fuck twice and it goes to R.  Brad PittAngelina Jolie  are funny and good together, but nothing can save this movie.  It is funny and Stupid at the same time.    About one action scene to long.  Vince Vaughn  is funny like always.    Could have used much more of him.   It will make millions which doesn't say much for movie goers like myself.   Dumb, Dumb, Stupid,  Funny and entertaining.    Rent it.  This one can wait.


Cinderella Man PG 13



****This is one Cinderella Story.   Got to love a great sports movie especially when it is based on a True Story.   Jim Braddock was a prize fighter in the Depression area.  When he was almost to the top, he lost a couple tough fights, had an injury and wound up with the poor class when the depression hit.   While in the bread and welfare line, a top contender needed a bum to warm up for the champ.  Braddock got the call and registered one of the greatest upsets in boxing history - from there you will have to watch the movie.   Russell Crowe  kicks butt in this role like he does in almost all his roles.   One of the best actors working today.  Renée Zellweger,  well whatever.   A nothing role.   Collect the check,   Sad that one of the hottest actresses in the business takes on a wife roll.   The old wife roll.  Like they say in Hollywood.   1 female role to every 20 roles for the male.    Ron Howard  does a great job and it could garner him an academy nomination.   A wonderful movie.   I like it alot.

Crash R



 *****My best movie of the year so far.   An edgy racist filled movie that shows the sides of all races and the good and bad in all of us.   I laughed hard and broke a few tears.   If you have ever seen the Movie Magnolia it is made in the same way.   This is what you look for when you go to the movies.   Sandra Bullock  had a very small and weak role.  A paycheck for her and that is about it.  Don Cheadle carries most of the film and is great as always.   One of the better actors working today.   Matt Dillon  is a great screen presents.   By the time his career is done he will have 100 or more films under his belt.   Comedy or Drama  he is great.  Terrence Dashon HowardThandie NewtonLudacris,   Larenz Tate  all give great memorable performances.   There is alot of movies yet to come out this year and there may be some just as good but there will not be one any better.    It could of easily got a PG 13 rating, so if your kid is over 13 this movie would be okay.    Love it.


Kingdom of Heaven R



* Kingdom of lame is more like it.   What a waste of $120 million dollars.   Ridley Scott  is good but what a bore.    A shipwreck happens -- all hundreds and hundreds are dead - except Bloom and a horse.   YEAH - Some of the slow motion fight scenes reminded me of Sly Stalone's contender TV show.   Orlando Bloom is a goodlooking knight but just cannot carry this film.   The story is  weak and confusing on what is really going on.  Scott used titles every now and then just to keep up connected.   Would have been a good TV movie --Maybe???? - I will have to say this is one movie I will never ever see again.   One time was one time to many.  



Millions G



*****The only thing bad about this movie that is it flying under the radar and most people will miss it.   This is an absolutely wonderful movie.   About a young boy, Damian, Alexander Nathan Etel   finds a bag full of money.    Since his Mom died he has lived in a fantasy world.   Make believe characters throughout the movie appear.   He talks to them.     His older Lewis Owen McGibbon wants to buy houses and have fun.  Damian wants to give it to the poor people, and does in very funny and warm way.   A warm hearted loving movie that just doesn't come around often.    There will not be a person that watches this movie that doesn't fall in love with Damian.   He is a young boy who doesn't see what he doesn't have but only sees what others don't have and need.   Boy,  doesn't our world need more children like Damian.   A don't miss flick.   I liked it a whole lot.   


Sin City R


**** Just have to give the movie an A for effort.    What do you get when you cross Robert Rodriguez and Quentin TarantinoBlood and more blood - arms and heads cut off plus more.   But what is best about this movie is the way it is shot.   Black and white with selected things colored.   Thank God not the blood.   Bruce WillisClive OwenMickey Rourke are wonderful, especially Mickey Rourke's character.   He is funny along with a brutal killer.  If you are looking for a great story this is not it.    I give Robert Rodriguez all the credit in the world to do a movie like this.   What a great change at the movies.   He doesn't really give a shit what anyone in Hollywood thinks.   He is going to make movies his way an all else can take a hike.   Must be nice to be in that position.    After the horrible   Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) i was second guessing myself going to this, but i will say i liked it a lot.   It is a movie you will like or just hate.  You will have no problem guessing what part of the film Tarantino directed.  "Wowy"   Body parts go a flying.


Hostage R


**** This Movie will take you hostage and before you can leave the theater it will make sure you never forget it.   What a great movie.   This is the best action movie I have seen,  probably since Die hard one.    Why this is so good is because it has it all.   A great written story.   Robert Crais (novel) Doug Richardson (screenplay).   Great Directing Florent Emilio Siri.   Last but not least Great acting.  This is Bruce Willis at his best.  It is early but I truly feel he deserves an academy nomination for his work.   You heard it here first.   He is wonderful.   He not only is an action star but also has the acting tools to carry this strong story.   Not a minute goes by in this movie that you do not sit at the edge of your seat.  Wham bam thank you maam.   It is bloody so parents do not take your young kids.   They will be scared shitless and have nightmares.   Under 17 no.   Kevin PollakJimmy BennettMichelle HornBen FosterJonathan TuckerMarshall Allman all deserve credit for a great job.   If you are over 17 this is the flick.   Has it all when it comes to an action movie.  Will be one of the best movies of the year.   Loved it.

Be Cool PG 13


***Be Cool is luke warm to say the least.   John Travolta has a very weak role.  Uma Thurman same.   The only time the movie stumbled is when they came on screen.  Boring stuff.   They do a dance that is awful.  Their chemistry is not believable.   Uma Thurman is believable in her role but just doesn't look like she really wants to be in this  movie.   Trovolta is not believable at all.  After he smokes 10 cigarettes in the first 30 minutes ( and he says he doesn't smoke in real life- yeah right) The director must of cut the hell out of it or told him to put the smokes away because he doesn't smoke one cig the last 3/4 of the movie.  Now comes  the fun part of the movie.  Vince VaughnCedric the EntertainerAndré 3000The Rock  These guys carry the movie.   Lots of funny stuff here.   Trovolta and Thurman collect the checks - these guys carry the movie.    Vaughn is hilarious as a white guy being black.  Cedric and his gang record buds steal all the scenes they are in.   The Rock is the most loveable character on screen.   He plays a soft gay guy.  Great stuff.   Story was weak - slow -    Aerosmith's  Steven Tyler along with  Christina Milian - give the movie a huge break from its weakness when they do a duet together in concert style.  Shows just  what a legend Tyler and Aerosmith  are.   Just not a good movie overall.  Rent it a most-  Was glad when it ended.

Hitch PG 13


****Well it took two months to get me to the theater and my friend had a lot to do with this pick,  but I am happy to say it was a joy.  I laughed hard many times.   An uplifting movie that is a great break from our everyday lives of on the go stress.  Will Smith  shows why he is the biggest draw in the game.  Fun, loving and a very good actor.   Eva Mendes is as beautiful to look at on the screen as any female out there.  She overacts on many occasions but her beauty carries her.  If she gets a handle on the acting gig she will rule the screen.   Kevin James is very funny but does a little too much most of the time.   He will be a character actor for many years to come if he ever leaves the small tube. Amber Valletta  - Cameron Diaz look out.  A look alike and much better actor.   Andy Tennant  deserves alot of credit for this movie.   Hats off to him and a big hit.  I like it alot




Academy Nominees


cover                             cover                                                                      cover                                           cover

My Choice


Million Dollar Baby PG13


***** What do you get when you put Clint behind a camera.  You get a Million Dollar Movie.   Clint Eastwood not only does a great job of telling a powerful story but this is by far his best acting job of his career.   It is his On Golden Pond.  I am the biggest Clint fan so take my wish for what it is worth.  He should not only get a director nomination but an acting one also.  The guy is 74 years old and with his eyes closed can make better movies than anyone in Hollywood.  Oliver Stone couldn't wear his jock strap.  Hilary Swank should get nominated and win it.  She is one of the best actors in the biz and after this she will be paid like it.   Morgan Freeman is always good but great in this role.  A best supporting nomination or a win would not surprise me at all.   The movie is nothing you would suspect.  I guess that is why I liked it so much.  It will touch your heart in more ways then one.  When you leave you will realize how precious life really it.   Clint you are the best and I am sure in the hell glad you came along in my lifetime.    My best movie of the year.   


Hotel Rwanda PG 13



***** Powerful for starters.   What a great film.   Don Cheadle should not only get nominated but could easily win.   I was going with Leo but Don is right with him.   This movie is greatly directed by Terry GeorgeGreat movie but will make you scratch your head on the UN and now not doubt how corrupt it really was and still is.    What a tragic event that the UN and the Clinton administration turned it's back on.   This movie is more than a movie but a history lesson on how it is the world's responsibility not to ever let something like this happen again.  Now back to the movie.  How far can Nick Nolte  drop?    He is 63 going on 80.  He could play Clint Eastwood's (74) older brother in a movie.  Three packs of smokes a day and a bottle of booze has caught up with him.   He looks awful and is not believable at all.  He takes a drink and his hand shakes.  Not only is his career done but I hope he cleans up his life and cuts the smokes and booze.   Hotel Rwanda should be nominated for best picture.  If not it will be a tragedy.    Hated the atrocities but loved the movie.   Hats off for bringing it to the screen.  The acting is wonderful.


 The Notebook  PG 13


***** Well it has taken six months this year but we finally have what we can call a true movie.   Not special effect that come out our ears or cornball comedy.   A story,  a real story that touches the heart.    With a great performance from Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls)   I can surely see her getting an academy nomination.   James Garner's role is small but by far the most powerful of his career and well deserving of a best supporting actor nomination.    Gena Rolwands proves again she is one of the best actors ever.    Newcomer Ryan Gosling has a nice screen presents and may be around for a long time.   Joan Allen's part is small but she steals the scenes like always.   Sam Shepard does the same.   This is a beautifully directed love story by Nick Cassavetes.  The chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling will touch you deep.   

                                                                                           Ray  PG 13


**** A Ray of sunshine  in this movie.   Just like the Aviator it is very hard to get the true feeling of the movie.  When you know how real life characters,  such as Ray Charles and Howard Hughes, lived and died,  it takes alot away from a movie true story.  If you know nothing about Ray Charles this will be a fantastic movie.   The movie is Directed by Taylor Taylor Hackford and he does a great job.  Well worthy of his academy nomination.  Then comes to Jamie Foxx.  Great is all I can say.  I would still pick Don Cheade over him for the Academy Win but Jamie Fox Brings Ray to life.   Very Good Movie.


Finding Neverland PG


**** Nothing like a movie taking you out of this world into a world of make believe even if it is for only a few hours.   Finding Neverland does this.  Based events from the life of  Scottish author James Mathew Barrie as he created his famous Peter Pan character via his 1904 play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, which was later published in 1911 as the book Peter and Wendy.   Johnny Depp is wonderful as always and proves again he can play even the most warmhearted roles.   Kate Winslet is as natural as any actress in the business.  Very believable and could get some academy looks.  Was nice to see   Julie Christie   again.   She is aging very well.     Dustin Hoffman , well a nothing role, easy paycheck and a waste of his talent.   They were all good but the young actor Freddie Highmore stole the whole movie.   He is very powerful and will steal your heart.   If you are a Peter Pan fan this movie tells you how the idea came about for writer James Mathew Barrie whom Johnny Depp plays.   The movie starts out very slow and it grabs you not a second to late.  When it does it will touch you like very few movies will ever do.   Okay, I cried hard, but in the wonderful way, but it doesn't take much for me to get to that point when unprivileged children are involved.  To watch orphan children laugh will take anyone down to their knees.    Finding Neverland is a movie you need to hang with and not let the slowness get to you at the start.   If you want to forget about this world for awhile take a journey to Neverland.   Liked it a lot.

Sideways R



**** You can never go wrong with great acting and a great story.  Sideways gives you that.  Paul Giamatti gives a wonderful performance as a down and out loser.  He takes his lifelong buddy Thomas Haden Church ( also a wonderful job)  on a wine tasting, weeklong vacation to Northern California wine country.   He wants to give him the time of his life before his wedding.  This buddy buddy road trip lets both men find themselves.  The Chemistry between them is funny and very warm hearted.  I caught myself laughing and sometimes welling up.  Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh add a lot of spice to the pie.   Wonderfully written and directed by  Alexander Payne      Liked it a lot.  


                                                                                                    Aviator   PG 13


**** This Aviator cannot get his movie above the clouds.   With Martin Scorsese behind the camera you will see a good movie.  I knew alot about Howard Hughes going into the movie so that takes alot away from it.     Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors in the biz and should be nominated and could possibly win.   Cate Blanchett does a wonderful job playing Kate Hepburn.  She was enjoyable watching.   Very Good movie but just couldn't get to the great level.


Garden State R



**** What can I say about this little sleeper movie.   Zach Braff shows  his true talent.  A filmmaker.  He will have a wonderful career when he gives up his scrubs TV show.   Written and Directed by Braff this film will make you laugh, cry and really think.   Natalie Portman is wonderful as always.   Peter Sarsgaard adds the flavor of the best buddy.   A character actor whom should be around for a long long time.   Just a wonderful break at the move theater away from the special effects, killing etc,etc.   The R rating is for f-bombs only.    This one is well worth seeing.    I will have to buy the sound track.   Music was great. 

The Forgotten PG 13


****  Julianne Moore once again proves how she can carry a movie.  And a good movie at that.   Can't beat a good suspense thriller that you will be unable to figure out.   This movie kept me guessing till the end and popped me out of my chair a few times.   Some will think it is to far fetched but I liked it very much.  Great acting.  Alongside of Julianne Moore is  Dominic West,  whom has a lot of  character and this movie should help him land bigger roles.  He has a very nice tough screen presents.  Anthony Edwards and Gary Sinise had paycheck roles and nothing more.  Probably filmed both their scenes in one day.  Good money I guess.  The movie is about a gal that is losing  memories of her little boy that was killed in a plane crash with other little kids.   She finally figures out someone is trying to erase it.  Her mind and bondage between her and  her child are too strong..  She won't let it happen.  To find out what happens and who the bad guys are you need to watch the movie.   You can't go wrong.   Like it a lot.   Finally something worth going to see.  

Troy  R 


****An epic of all proportions.   Amazing   what great teeth they had back in Ancient Greece.   Looking like it was cast from the Ford Modeling Agency - Not an ugly person will be seen in this three hour movie.   Outside of that jab the movie will be one of the best this year along with Van Helsing.    It is early but I can see this picture getting an academy nomination.   Peter O'toole is the only one that could come close an acting nomination, but all he has to do is appear on a big screen and that is considered.  He is just a wonderful screen presence.   Brad Pitt does a good job playing Achilles and Eric Bana's performance as Hector should finally make him a household name.  He also has  wonderful screen presence.   Orlando Bloom has a weak role and shows his Lord of the Rings  bow and arrow skills again.  Wolfgang Peterson may get a director nomination.   It has some of the best battle scenes you will ever see.   I would advise you to see this on the big screen.   It will lose a little on the small tube.   The three hours goes by very fast.   A good sign of a great flick.


Van Helsing  PG 13


****An action packed, edge of your seat movie from beginning to end.  The great legendary monsters at their best.  Hugh Jackman has a screen presents like a young Clint Eastwood and Kate Beckinsale brings more talent and screen beauty than anyone working in the business.  The special effects rate right up there with the Lord Of The Rings.   This will be one of the best movies this year.


Kill Bill 2  R


****  Kill Bill 2 picks up  where Kill Bill one left off.    With a powerful sound track take off  from  the  masterful Sergio Leone's  spaghetti western's ( fistful of dollars, Good Bad and Ugly via Clint Eastwood)  It rocks the screen.  Although this film had by far to much dialog and sometimes I caught it dragging a bit, all else made up for it.   Uma Thurman should get an academy Award Nomination.   Quentin Tarantino may get some consideration on his directing but because this is an off the wall out there film who knows.  I don't think it was as good a Volume One but overall it has enough great moments to entertain you to the max.

Taking Lives R


****This is one for the record books.   Just a very well written thriller.   Even the toughest critics will pop out of their chair on this on.   It has slick twist after slick twist.   One twist towards the end of the movie bothered the couple in front of me so back they walked out of the theater.   It was rather disturbing to say the least.   A man in the audience yelled out. " Oh My God"   The acting is very good with Angelina Jolie - Ethan Hawk - Oliver Martinez and the always wonderful Gina Rowlands.    It will scare you and turn your stomach but well worth every minute of it.   

Friday Night Lights PG 13


****By far the best sports Movie since Rocky.   Anyone that has played HS sports will relate to this movie.   Billy Bob Thorton does a good job as the head coach.   A very weak role for him but he does make some nice speeches that will touch you and maybe bring a tear.  Derek Luke does a wonderful job playing the hot shot football player.  Lucas Black reunites with Billy Bob to play the QB.   He was the little boy in Sling Blade 8 years ago.  The movie is touching and worth every penny you pay to see it.   You will hurt watching the hits and injuries.  They did a great job putting you on the field of play.


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou R


*** This one will drowned a few people.   Save your movie for Blockbuster.  It has it moments and I did laugh a few times but overall a very lame movie.   Bill Murray  has the best comedic timing ever as an actor.  Without him this would have been the biggest bomb of the year.  He keeps it above water pardon the pun.   Owen Wilson is awful with his Kentucky Accent.  Cate Blanchett is way to great of an actor to be doing something like this.  Anjelica Huston   Willem Dafoe,   Jeff Goldblum Michael Gambon all have weak nothing roles.  Why?  They all have to ask themselves.   Paycheck maybe.   I caught myself wanting it to get over then the Pirates attack.  It was a little to late but that scene did save the movie and get me to the end.   Was expecting much more.  The trailer has most of the funny parts in it.  Okay for a rental.  Nothing more.


Lemony Snicket's PG

A Series of Unfortunate Events


**This is an unfortunate event.   Jim Carrey as Count Olaf is right in his ballpark - a wild and crazy mean villain.  A little Pet detective shines through, which is always good. Meryl Streep , is good in this rather weak role.  I felt she was forcing a little which is very rare for her.   The story is really weak.   Looks really good and has some nice special effect but doesn't have the heart grabbing material that will grab the audience.   Anyone under the age of 12 will not be interested here.  Too adult for teens and not adult enough for the adults.  Nice little rental for dollar night or when it comes on the tube in a few years.  Emily BrowningLiam Aiken  do a wonderful job as the young kids.  Kara Hoffman Shelby Hoffman share the role of the baby sister.    The sequel will be coming and I hope they get a stronger story.    All show and no go.

                                                                     Closer R





**Weak, weak, weak. is all I can say.   Waste of a lot of good talent here.    This is a very boring movie.   One of the few times I didn't feel bad when I had to leave and go take a piss.  Nice break.    The acting was wonderful but it cannot save this disaster.   How can anyone put this on their top 10 or ever 25 of the year.   Lots of filthy sex talk so regular TV will be out.   Cable for free a maybe, if it is the only thing on, and you are snowed in at a cabin in the backwoods of nowwheresville.  Natalie Portman will be around a long time.   She has a screen present like Audrey Hepburn.   Jude Law  Julia Roberts  Clive Owen   need to move on fast from this movie.  Mike Nichols tried but why would he or anyone take on a script like this.   Is this the best Hollywood can do.

The Passion of the Christ  R


**The passion of the Mel.   This blood bath makes a Quentin Tarantino film look Disney like.   If you are a hard core Christian then this film may have the power to touch you.   If not then the blood may get you I have never in all my days of watching movies seen a man beaten and beaten and beaten and beaten and beaten and beating and beaten and beaten and this is before they beat him 20 minutes straight while he is carrying the cross to be brutally nailed on it.   The beating and blood got so bad I almost laughed out loud at how pathetic it was.   If you can sit through this film you will be able to handle any slasher - chainsaw mascara films made.   I know Mel wanted to get his point across how Jesus was beat but come on.  I would say skip the film and read the greatest story ever written.  It is called the bible.   After watching this you would swear Stephen King wrote it. 


The Grudge PG 13


* I have very little to say about this mess.   I guess it shows how hard up Hollywood is for movies.   This is the worst movie I ever sat through.  I only stayed  because I went with friends.   Not scary or you could say stupid scary.   We laughed out loud at serious scary scene.  Sarah Michelle Gellar was as good as anyone could be in this laugher.  I bet they all sunk in their chairs at the premier, if they even went.   The theater was filled with noisy teenagers- not paying attention and text  messaging their friends at the other end of the isle.   We will see more of this from Hollywood.   Toss a piece of shit of a horror movie out then soak the money out of the brainless kids of America.   If this is what is selling to the American kids,  our world is in for a world of hurt.  Oh my God.



Team America World Police R


*** What pair of guys can make a movie that gets a NC17 rating with puppets?   Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park) did manage to get it down to an R rating.   If you like South Park you will enjoy this.  That is up to a certain extent.   The movie is just too long.   You will get a great laugh then it drags.  Another great laugh.  Then it drags.   The sex scene with the puppets is so funny you will cry.    They also blow the Alex Baldwin leftist Hollywood group out of the water.  Very funny.   The language is brutally funny.   No kids please.    It would have been a great hour show but two hours just drug.  May want to wait for video on this one.


  Wicker Park pg 13


*** This is one wicked movie.   I can only recommend hard core movie buffs for this one,  although I liked it.   It is to say the least all over the place.   Most movie goers will be lost the way it is directed.  End first then to the middle the back just all over the place.    If you go to the rest room you are done.   I would say,  over all to much for most movie goers.   Josh Hartnett is okay but nothing special.   The guy needs to get a personality.    Diane ( Troy) Kruger is just a pretty face in this movie.    Rose (Troy) Byne steals the movie along with Matthew Lillard.  They give it life.   Rose Byne gives a wonderful acting performance.   Matthew Lillard is very funny and keeps you from falling asleep when it starts to drag.  


cover                                                                                                       Suspect Zero R

* Zero Movie here.  Oh my God how can a movie be so bad.   This is the worst movie I have ever sat through.    It makes Door in the Floor look like academy material.   I wonder who knew who to get Ben Kinglsley to do this.  I wonder who knew who and who had the money to get this thing in the theaters.   It should be against the law to take peoples money on something like this.    Ben Kingsley was great as always.   Budget must have been $5 million -- $4 million to Kingsley and deferment for the rest.   Aaron Eckhart and Carrie-Ann Moss were  not believable most of the time.  But not many actor would be in this.   Just a bad bad movie.  I have no idea where this one went wrong.   I guess at opening credits.   One example.   The good guys are chasing an 18 Wheeler on a one and 1/2 lane desert dirt road.  They radio for back up.  So instead of following the 18 wheeler they try to pass it through the cactuses and ditches.   Why?   Is their Suv going to push the 18 wheeler off the road.  Laughable scene.    Well both vehicles roll over.  enough,  should I say more.

 Door in the Floor R


* They need to take this movie and toss it down the Door in the floor, lock the door and throw away the key.  What the hell was Kim Basinger thinking.  It she that hard up for  work she has to take a role like this.   Almost soft porn.   Where is the NC-17 rating.   She does a good job but you expect to find some washed up no name 50 year old to take her clothes off and bang a teenage boy.   Jeff Bridges it very good like always.   He can't save it.   The first 45 minutes I was thinking about walking out.   It was bad and boring.   Then a few comedic scenes keep me in my seat the rest of the way.   One of the worst movies I have seen in years.     Forget it.                                    


cover                                                                   Spider-Man 2  pg 13


*** What can I say.  It was okay.  Not a big fan of these kind of movies but not a whole lot to choose from on a 95 degree So Cal Day.   Unless you have a nice big screen TV at home you really need to go to the movie theater or you will lose a lot.   Here again we get back to the all special effects and lame story movie.  A movie like this really pushes the envelope on the PG 13 rating.   With the violence I could see an R rating.    You have a few F bombs in a movie and it is rated R.  You kill a few dozen people and it gets a PG 13.  No wonder our kids these days are all fucked up.   I like Spidy even thou I still haven't seen the first one.   Toby Maguire is a very good actor.  With or without the Spidy suit.   Kirsten Dunst will be recycled fast in Hollywood.  She should be on a TV in a few years.  Especially if she keeps smoking the cigs.    Loved Rosemary Harris.   She is what the acting business is all about.   If you need to see a good flick at the theater it is worth the $8 - $10 bucks.    


cover                                                         The Clearing R   

**This is a Sundance Film festival movie now out in the theaters.    Robert Redford said in a recent interview that Sundance hasn't gone Hollywood.   This is another reason why I tell young up and coming filmmakers not to send their stuff to Sundance or the LA film festival.   You tell me if they haven't  gone Hollywood.   This little indie film only stars Robert Redford, Willem Dafoe and Helen Mirren.  Again this was a Sundance film and a LA film festival film.  Once again if you are Joe Blow filmmaker from Nowheresville  USA and have no names  in your film save your money and don't waste it at festivals like Sundance and LA.   You have no chance there, they won't even view it.    Now to the movie.   If it didn't have the above stars in it, it wouldn't have made the above festivals.    Redford, Dafoe and Mirren are great but the movie is very  slow and builds up to a nothing ending.   It is rated R because it has 2 f bombs- no blood and a little of nothing.  If you take the two f bombs out it could be rated G.  I don't give it an awful rating because of the great acting by the above.    But they can't save it.


     Dodge Ball PG 13


** A movie that you really need to Dodge at the theater.  Yeah,  there are laughs and I was guilty of it several times. Ben Stiller does a great job with his nerdish hard ass character but it wore thin and was really to much over the top by the time the movie finished.    Vince Vaughn was well, Vince Vaughn, nothing.   Real dead beat role for him.   This will be a nice movie to watch on free cable when it comes out.   Don't waste your money at the theater-----------------------------------Like I did.




The Terminal PG13


*** Only Steven Spielberg could make a watch-able movie that spends the full 2 hours and 20 minutes in an airport.  Having Tom Hanks and a great performance in it doesn't hurt.   This should bring Hanks another academy award nomination.  The movie starts out very slow.   Once it gets  going I would have to say it was very enjoyable.   Catherine Zeta-Jones takes a role that any good looking actress could have done and not slowed the movie down at all.   Spielberg bought her name here.   Her role is very very weak.  Again it shows here  there are no good roles for women in Hollywood.   Stanley Tucci does a great job as the Terminal Manager, but the most fun came with three funny character performances.   Barry Shabaka  Henley,  Diego Luna and Kumar Pallana.  They along with Tom Hanks give this movie all the life it needs to survive.  

Stepford Wives PG13


** A little cute here and there but will be out of the box office fast.   Very weak film.  Great cast and great acting will carry this film only so far.  Nicole Kidman is wonderful as always.     By far one of the best working in the business today.   She picked up a pretty easy paycheck here.   Glenn Close gives it the most spark.     This movie is just not worth paying for.   It will be free on Cable sooner than later.   Christopher Walken is collecting easy paycheck after easy paycheck.   I guess if they are going to toss him money to do weak roles like this then why not take it.  Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick Jon Lovitz show up.   As for Faith Hill, well, she must have wound up on the cutting room floor because one minute of screen time may be pushing it.                                                                              

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  R

cover*** I will give this one an A for effort.   It is one film that is  all over the place.   At points it is all over the place way to much to enjoy or keep the audience.   Sometimes it came across as a great movie then it would comes across as one awful movie.  Director Michel Gondry at first tried to much cutesy camera work.  The movie finally  settles down enough so you can enjoy and follow it.    Cannot recommend to most people.   50% will like it.  50% will think it sucks bad.   Jim Carrey is a very good actor but he will never sell being serious.   People will not pay for that.    They went their  Pet Detective back.   Kate Winslet,  Elijah Wood,  Mark Ruffalo,  Kirsten Dunst, and  Tom Wilkisnon  are all very great.   Watch at own risk.

Secret Window   PG 13


** The little scary movie that tried.   Why I keep going to Steven King Novels put to the screen I don't know.   This movie is like a parachuter that jumps from a plane and his chute doesn't open.   Just before he hits the ground it opens but he is still killed.  I tried to find ways that this was good but sorry.   Johnny Depp is good but it was just an easy paycheck for him.    Timothy Hutton must be really hard up for work to take a role like this.   I don't want to waste any more of my time and yours with this review




Cold Mountain Review R

*****   Best Picture of the Year.   has it all.  A Civil War epic love story wonderfully  directed by Anthony Minghella--  Flawless acting with Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger, Natalie Portman, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Kathy Baker, Donald Sutherland.  Should sweep the Oscars. -- update- The movie suffered a backlash from the behind the scenes people in hollywood  because it was filmed in Romania.   It was hugely boycotted because of the lost jobs and filming a civil war epic in Romania.    A real laugher.  This movie is one of the best epics ever filmed and not to get a best picture nomination is a laughable joke.

 The Station Agent R

**** An absolutely wonderful film to say the least.    You will laugh and you will cry.  Not many movies can put you there.   It is a shame we only get to see films like this every few years.   Written and Directed by Tom McCarthy,  this simple story will touch you in many different ways.    Great acting by Patricia Clarkson (academy nomination) Peter Dinklage, Bobby Cannavale and big star to come in Michelle Williams.   A film that will play on and on for years and years.

The Last Samurai R

**** Great movie.  But then again when has Tom Crusie ever did a bad movie.   I would say this is one of his best overall movies.  Wonderful story and Great acting not only by him but Ken Watanbe.  You would think by the trailer this was an all martial arts film but not at all.  Epic story about a culture that most of us can only dream about.   Great scenery - great fight scenes and best of all a great story.  I really liked it alot.

                                                                                                         In America PG 13

**** A simple little movie with a tremendous big heart.   Real life sisters Sarah Bolger and Emma Bolger will steal your heart.   An Irish family comes to the US to search for a better life and end up in New York's Hell's Kitchen.   Samantha Morton delivers a powerful performance along with Djimon Hounsou.   Paddy Considine also turns in a fine performance but is really overshadowed by the rest of the cast.  If you didn't believe in Angels before you see this then you will when it is over.   A very wonderful move.

Monster R

**** This is a Monster of a movie.   Wonderful directed by Patty Jenkins and a very Powerful performce by Charlize Theron        (Academy Ward Winner).   Christina Ricci gives her best performance and helps put this film as one of the best in 2003.    Charlize Theron does one of the best jobs ever done in film.   Based on the true life of Aileen Wuornos.  A prostitute turned killer.  A must see film. 

                                                                                     Lost In Translation R

***  Slow Slow Slow but good.   One of those movies you sit down in front of the tube and get up when it is over.  If you watch it like that you will see a good movie.   If the pause goes on over two times it will lose you.   A deep story about two lost souls in Japan.    Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.   I think it was wonderfully written and directed by Sofia Coppola and the acting was very good by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, but none of the above deserves any  academy nominations.   This film is good but it couldn't carry Cold Mountain's  jock strap.

Master and Commander PG 13

 ****Peter Weir ( Witness / Truman Show ) keeps you at the edge of your seats most of the 2 1/2 hours.   An action packed 1805 battle in the high sea's.     Russell Crowe does a wonderful job as the commander.  Great casting with believable no name time piece actors.   Great on the big screen but you will lose a little of the ride on the small screen.   Liked it although the 1805 amputations and surgery's will turn your stomach a bit.

Big  Fish PG13

**** Big fish is a really big catch for movie goers.    After a minor slow start it draws you in every minute until the wonderful ending.    Tim Burton proves why is one of the best filmmakers in the Biz or that has ever been in the biz.    Edward Sissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare before Christmas to name a few Tim Burton greats.    When you are clicking the channels ten years from now you will run into this movie often on the tube.   You will laugh and you will cry.   Just not many movies anymore that can deliver that.   Should be nominated for a few or lots of academies.   Best Director Tim Burton.    Best supporting actor - Albert Finney -- Best Movie --- Jessica Lang is great as always in her small supporting role.   Also great acting from the rest of the cast - Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup, Helena Bonham Carter, Steve Buscemi, and Danny Devito 

 Mystic River R

*** Clint Eastwood proves here how good a director he really is.   He takes nothing and turns it into something.    This is a strong story with great acting by Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Mary Gay Harden, Laura Linney but save your money at the theaters.  Rent it when it comes out.   Clint took a lifetime TV movie story and  made it into an R rated rental

Whale Rider   PG 13

**** A wonderful Sleeper.  Loved it.   Keisha Castle-Hughes should get an academy nomination for her role.  A simple little movie that touches the heart. 


**** What can I say.   Picks up were the first two left off.   Sean Astin should be nominated for an Academy.   Hard to find any great acting performances in this all action film.   But he does bring a nice touch of seriousness in this very good movie.     A wonderful movie series.  But not for young kids.   Kind of scary in some scenes.  Very long but goes by fast.   3 1/2 hours

Pirates Of The Caribbean PG 13

**** What a surprise of a film.   One of the most entertaining movies of the year.   Very Funny.  Johnny Depp gives a wonderful comical performance as a whacky Pirate.    He could get an Oscar Nomination along with the movie,  but comedies have a hard time  pushing their way into the academy's.   Good performances also by Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush.   Not for Kids under 13 - To scary for them 

Bad Santa R

****  This film is just filthy funny.   Billy Bob Thorton is as entertaining as anyone in the movies today.   I laughed so hard at some scenes  I cried.  The language is bad as it can get.   But bad in the funny way if there is such a thing.  Just a bad bad bad funny movie.    Not for kids and some adults.

Kill Bill  1.    R          

**** Quentin Tarantino at his best here.  A cartoonish blood bath.  The blood gets so bad a one point he has it in black and white.  A movie that some will love and some will hate.  I liked it because Tarantino is  not scared to do something different from  every other movie made.   Just a very entertaining movie.   Great sword fighting.  And again an action cartoon is how you take this one.   Looking foreword to Kill Bill 2. 



Didn't see the first two - thank God -- I did laugh once. That was for the trailer of Bad Santa.   Just  awful stuff here.  It sells so the joke is on my $10.     


**** A western we have all be waiting for.   Kevin Costner doesn't miss in this wild shoot'm up film.   A real classis.   Robert Duvall the last of our year great movie cowboys.   He should be nominated for an acadamy.   He brings tears to your eyes with laughter and tears to your eyes with his warmth.   He also can shoot a mean gun.   Kevin Coster unselfishly take a back seat to Duvall.    Wonderfully directed and acted.   The late great Michael Jeter turns in another fine performance.    If you like westerns this one will be on your shelf and watched for years.


 Great Rentals

ratings   5 good -----10 great

Abyss - Ed Harris   (7)

After Hours -  Martin Scorsese  (8)

Against All Odds - Jeff Bridges (5)

And Justice for All - Al Pacino (7)

American Werewolf in London - Griffen Dunn (8)

Animal House - John Bulushi (9)

Any Which Way You Can - Clint (8)

At Close Range - Christopher Walken - Sean Penn (6)

Back To School -- Rodney (7)

Beautiful Girls - Natalie Portman (8)

Big Lebowski - Coen Brothers (5)

Bowfinger - Steve Martin - Eddie Murphy (7)

Boogie Nights - Burt Reynolds (7)

Bonnie and Clyde - Beatty / Dunaway (9)

Cat Ballou - Lee Marvin (8)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Richard Dryfuss (9)

Cool Hand Luke - Newman (9)

Confidence - Edward Burns

Copland - Sly - Ray Liotta (8)

Dances With Wolves- Kevin Costner (9)

Dark Blue - Kirk Russell (5)

Deliverance - Burt Reynold (9)

Deer Hunter - Christopher Walken (10)

Dirty Dozen - Lee Marvin - Charles Bronson (9)

Defiant Ones - Tony Curtis - Sidney Poitier (9)

Dog Day Afternoon - Al Pacino (9)

E.T - the Extra-Terrestrial - Henry Thomas (9)

Every Which Way But Loose- Clint (9)

Emerald Forest - Powers Booth  (8)

Fargo - Coen Brothers (8)

First Blood _ Sly (9)

Fried Green Tomatoes - Jessica Tandy (9)

Gigot - Jackie Gleason (8)

Godfather -- Godfather II  - Al  (9)

Grease - Olivia Newton John (9)

Hersterical Blindness - Uma (8)

Identity - Ray Liotta (5)

Jeremiah Johnson - Redford - (8)

Kissing Jessica Stein - (5)

King Pin - Woody (9)

King Kong - Jeff Bridges - Jessica Lang (9)

Looking for Mr Goodbar - Diane Keaton (8)

Long Riders - Dennis - Randy Quaid (7)

Magnolia - Tom (9)

Manhunter - William Peterson (5)

Me Myself and Irene - Jim Carrey (9)

Midnight Cowboy - Dustin Hoffman (9)

Midnight Run - De Niro (8)

Old School (5) Will Farrell

One Flew Over the Cukoo Cukoo's Nest - Jack (10)

Once Upon a Time in America - De Niro - James Wood (10)

Outlaw Josey Wales - Clint (10)

Paulie - a Talking Bird (8)

Papillon - Dustin (9)

Pet Detective - Jim Carrey (9)

Postman Always Rings Twice -  Jack - Jessica Lang (9)

Revenge - Costner (8)

Rocky - Sly (10)

Roster Cogburn - John Wayne (8)

Runaway Train - John Voight (8)

Sharkey's Machine - Burt Reynold (7)

Shawshank Redemption - Tim Robbins - Morgan Freeman (7)

Sling Blade - Billy Bob Thorton (9)

Something About Mary - The Farrelly Brothers (9)

Southern Comfort - Powers Booth (8)

Starman - Jeff Bridges (8)

The Edge - Anthony Hopkins (8)

Parris Texas - Harry Dean Stanton (8)

The Pope of Greenwich Village- Micky Rourke (8)

Tootsie - Dustin (6)

Tender Mercies - Robert Duvall (7)

The Longest Yard - Burt (8)

The Outsiders - (9)

The Champ - John Voight (8)

The Falcon and the Snowman - Sean Penn (7)

The Professional - Natalie Portman (8)

The End - Burt Reynolds (5)

Taxi Driver - De Niro (9)

True Grit - John Wayne (8)

The Horse Whisperer - Robert Redford (8)

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot - Clint - Jeff Bridges (7)

Two Mules for Sister Sara - Clint - Shirley MacLaine  (8)

U-turn - Sean Penn (8)

Urban Cowboy - John Trovolta-Debra Winger (8)

Used Cars - Kurt Russell (8)

Unfaithful - Diane Lane (8)

Vanilla Sky - Tom (8)

Who will stop the Rain- Hepburn-Nolte (7)

Wonderland (6)  Val Kilmer

What About Bob - Bill Murray (8)

Wizard Of Oz  - Judy Garland (10)

Witness - Harrison Ford (9)

Year of the Dragon - Mickey Rourke - (8)

48 hours - Nolte/Murphy (8)