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Warning: The world’s poorest children are the most vulnerable in a global economic downturn. Soaring food prices threaten hundreds of millions with malnutrition. Warning: The world’s poorest children are the most vulnerable in a global economic downturn. Soaring food prices threaten hundreds of millions with malnutrition.

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  More on Maggie and Annie

Maggie and Annie is an independent feature that was filmed throughout the Los Angeles area.   The film is the brainchild of writer/director Kimberly K. Wilson, produced through her production company Rainbow Chaser Productions.

Follow the links up top on the left to learn more about the story, meet the talented cast and crew,   contact the filmmakers, and find resources to help you chase your own rainbows!

Please check out more of the amazing singers and songwriters who's music was used in the movie.  Go to our music page.                                                           


                     Eve Selis                                                          Geoff Pearlman

                Ali Weiss
                    Singing opening Website Song written by her.
                     Produced by Geoff Pearlman



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