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By Peasant Sharecropper

A blue collar, beer drinking, shotgun toting, uneducated Dairy Farmer.

                                    ****  = Theater

                                    ***  = Rental

                                    **= Free TV

                                    * = For death row inmates only


Inglorious Bastards

Inglourious BasterdsR

** I have no idea where to start with this mess.   I guess if you are Quentin Tarantino you can do stuff like this.   Tarantino has to be one fo the most overrated filmmakers to ever exists.   Smart marketing here thou.  You pay Brad Pitt 10-20 million for his name.  Film his 5 scenes he is in in two days.   Put those scenes on every add on TV so people thing they are going to see a funny Brad Pitt on the screen for a 2 1/2 hours.  They have a Tarantino record weekend opening and all is fine.   This movie will be the fastest movie to ever drop off the screen.  Way way too long.  You fall asleep through the dragged out dialog scenes.   Sure it had its funny moments.   The five scenes Pitt was in    One bad movie.   Long and boring.   See it at your own risk..




The Hangover R

**  I thought is was a great idea but it is one of the dumber movies mad.   Sure you have a few laughs here and there.   But too long for a comedy.  T The cast did a good job with it but it was so far fetched it wasn't even close to reality.  Maybe if you can find the right movie goers which this movie seems to have found.  A least at the box office.  It will be an okay rental.   To toss $20   bucks at this at the movie theater is a waste.


Public Enemies


Public Enemies R

***   Being a follower of the gang era this movie was done okay.   Nothing near the truth like it was advertised but okay.   I guess the story is way to long to get it into a 2 1/2 hour movie.  Johnny Depp and the cast were great but not much more then a good TV movie.   If you know nothing about the 30's gangsters you may think this is a great movie.   If you know a lot about the history of the depression era gangsters then it will be a so so flick for you.   The battle at the little bohemia lodge was not even close to the truth.   For a period piece movie it was great to look at.   Don't expect a lot with this film.    Again a good rental at best.



Star Trek pg 13

**** I am not a great Star Trek fan but you can never go wrong with the movies.   We all know the TV series with Shatty.   This movie starts at the beginning of how Kirk and crew became who they are.   Very well written and beginning to end action.  J.J. Abrams  does a great job with it.   The acting is also pretty good.   Abrams stole a little out of Indian Jones playbook with the young Kirk  but  it works.  Not a great knock you out of your chair ending.   I guess that was my only downer with the film.  They go ahead in time then back pretty fast so that may throw you off.  But overall an nice ride at the movies.



Slumdog Millionaire PG 13

**** Every couple years a Great Movie comes along and I guess it was time for this one.   A great movie all the way through.  No wonder it swept the academy awards.  Deserved all of them plus more.   Danny Boyle did an incredible job directing this.   The cast was beyond likeable.   From the kids that stole your heart to the Adults in the end.   We all think we have it so bad in the USA.   Our worst days here are better then most of the rest of the world.    Watch this movie and you really may appreciate our life here.   Loved this movie.  Best I have seen in years.  Hats off to all involved.   Congrats on all the rewards.    Danny Boyle can write his own ticket after this jewel.   Great, Great, Great. 



The Wrestler R

*** When I think of Mickey Rourke I think of Jan-Michael Vincent.   Only with Mickey Rourke  he made a come back.    A dynamite looking guy with great acting ability,  Rourke had it all.   Then his life took a shit.   Trouble on sets made it where no good director would work with him.   Then the boxing career.  Then plastic surgery gone bad. Then this movie.    The Wrestler    Why this movie so believable is because it is about Rourke's  life and probably his future life.  A chain smoker in real life Roarke will be lucky to see his 60th birthday.    I like this movie.   Didn't love it but liked it.   Great Rourke movies that are must sees are, The Pope of Greenwich Village.  Year of the Dragon,  and of course 9 1/2 weeks.   The Wrestler relates to more Americans then not.   More Americans to this day are closer to Rourke's character then above it.   A down and out washed up pro wrestler, Roarke wakes up one day old and alone.   Most Americans will be there someday.   The movie will be a good rental.   I doubt if Roake will win the academy but his nomination was well deserved.  Marisa Tomei could easily win her acadamy.   She was nothing but awesome in this.   A very great gutless performance.  Good for her.



Gran Torino R

**** Clint Eastwood is all you have to say here.   He will be 79 in a few months and still the best filmmaker in the business.  Year after year after year this guy put his mark on the history of cinema.   Some day we should have a Clint Eastwood day as a national holiday.   Grand Torino may be his best overall acting/Directing combo he has made.   A old bitter racist ex Korean war veteran  finds himself with  Hmong neighbors and living in a gang infested neighborhood.   In this movie I laughed so hard for so long then like most in the theater I had to wipe the tears from my eyes as I left the theater.  One of the best movies of the year.   Do not miss it.  



Frost/Nixon R

*** Richard Millhouse Nixon.   One of the most storied politicians of our lifetime if not ever.   Love him or hate him in real life he was a character.   If Obama thinks he inherited a mess it will be peanuts to what Nixon inherited.   Nixon didn't do much more then any other politician did but he got caught just like the Gov of Ill.   Ron Howard hates Bush so what better time to make a movie to bash Nixon.  Howard is a great director, and the movie is a very good movie.   You can easily wait and watch it on Video.  I liked Oliver Stone's Nixon, a whole lot better.   Frank Langella should be nominated for an academy.   he did one heck of a job bringing Nixon to life.   Cannot see any other nominations.   But its Hollywierd and any thing can happen with the loons that run it.  Michael Sheen also does a great job being David Frost.   I liked Nixon and I liked this Movie.


Yes Man PG 13  

** You can never go wrong with a Jim Carrey movie.   You will always be entertained.   Its just that some of them are not worth paying to see and this is one.   I laughed at a few scenes but for the hour and half the story is just not good enough to take your hard earned money and pay for it.    Zooey Deschanel is really the only bright spot to come out of this movie.   Great screen presents and a pretty good actor.    Not going to waste alot of time here.   When you are flipping channels in a year or so and this one is on it is worth watching.   



Australia PG 13

 **** You wait all year to see a movie like this.   Now this is a movie.   Great cinematography, Acting, Costume, just an overall great 2 1/2 hours at the movie theater.   This should get a lot of Academy Nominations.   Who wins it is very hard to tell.   When you have Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman you would think you have your stars to carry the film.  Do not get me wrong.   They do their part to make this a great movie but the actor that stole this move was a young Aboriginal boy, Brandon Walters.   He absolutely steals the screen and our hearts.   He is also a very good actor.   Taking place in Australia in 1939 before and then during WWII.   You get the feel of a Western then a 1940s war movie.   Hugh Jackman has his body in awesome shape.   You will see in the film why he got the sexist man alive.   Kidman should get an Academy Nomination for sure.  Not sure if she wins.   Great epic of a movie.   You never want to leave your seat for the 150 minutes.    I laughed and cried.     Great movie.


Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace PG 13

  **** When all else fails at the movie theater bring out Bond, James Bond.  Daniel Craig is by far the best Bond ever.   The others are not even close.   He is just a freaking sexy stud.  Most straight men would not turn him down.  Although this was not as good as his first Bond it was still action packed throughout the film.   Sexy hot women get even hotter.  Olga Kurylenko is absolutely hot and on top of that she is a very good actor.    Hard to find beauty and a good actor in the film world.  This will be here break out role.  She can write her own ticket after this.  Judi Dench proves there is really no role she cannot do.  Love her in everything but she works will in this role.   A must see. 



Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading R

** This movie needs to be burnt if you are dumb enough to rent it.   Stupid to say the least.   A big waste of time at the Movies.  Ethan Coen  and  Joel Coen are lucky they have made it in Hollywood because many duds like this and they would have a hard time to get funding for more garbage like this.   Slow and when it finally starts to go places the movie ends.   The all-star cast is good.  George Clooney Frances McDormand Brad Pitt John Malkovich Richard Jenkins  all very believable.  The only problem is the story is far too weak to hold you in your chair.  I got a few laughs at the very end of the movie then it was done.   Total free TVhere.   If you rent it you are an idiot.   I paid to see it in the theater so what does that say about me.  The Coen's let me and all movie goers down on this one.


Tropic Thunder


Tropic Thunder R

**** Dumb as this movie is I will have to say I had a good time at the movies.   Laughed a lot.  Now with that being said the story is about as bad and weak as you will find in a movie.  If you go into this movie and know what you are about to get.  Goofball to the max.  You will have fun and some good laughs.   All the cast will get a laugh out of you in some way or another. Nick Nolte's  real life mug shot looked better then his character in this film but it was the vintage Nolte that sells.  Cannot, not like him.  Ben Stiller  is a very funny guy.  Can't say alot about his directing.  Be he is one of the funniest guys on the screen now.  This was by far Jack Black's best character to date.  The tied to the tree scene made me laughs pretty hard.   Again this is raunchy comedy stuff.   R language. Not for young kids.  Robert Downey Jr.  did a fun job with the makeover character.   Most of all Tom Cruise was very very entertaining.   You have to admire him for taking on a role like this.   The rest of the cast was good.   A fun time at the movies.    Had a lot of laughs.   Hard to come by these day.


Pineapple Express

Pineapple ExpressR

**  If you are watching this movie you need to take the Pineapple, Banana, Apple, any express out of the theater as fast as possible. I guess they say all good streaks come to an end this was the one for  Seth Rogen.   I guess when you establish yourself then you can start doing some of your writing.   Well it doesn't get much worse then this.   The last time I seen a movie this bad was Commando with swartzy.   This story was about as dumb as it can get.  Tried way to hard for laughs, but a couple did pop out of me.   I have no idea who James Franco is but he did remind me of a young Dennis Hopper.   Let hope he has the career.  Funniest character of them all was Danny R. McBride who played Red.   He was refreshing and funny when Red appeared on screen.   Wasted  a couple hours and money at the theater.  Catch it on the tube if you can bare to watch it all the way through.  Bad movie.



Step Brothers  R

*** This is one funny movie.   It was alot more then I expected.  Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are a pretty good comedy duo, no Martin and Lewis but they have pretty good chemistry.   Rielly tries a little to hard to be funny and that hurts him in the long run.   Ferrell is natural.   You kind of know what you are getting from him but it never seems to get old.   Great story how an older couple meets Mary Steenburgen Richard Jenkins get married and moves in together.  Both of them have 39,40 year old sons still living at home.  Ferrell and Reilly.  Both spoiled kids.   I laughed very hard many times.  You will not be let down if you go to the theater but home video will still be a good time.    Goofy as heck but was solid.

Get Smart

****  A very fun time at the movies I will have to say.  I seen it on the 5th of July, hotter then shit outside, had a ting of a hangover and this was the cure.  Steve Carell is a very funny guy and a good actor.  I was a big fan of the TV show so wasn't expecting alot here. I have no idea who Anne Hathaway is but she was entertaining at the same time.   Nice screen presents.   The Rock was good and fit his role well, although he is shedding the Rock name and is now called Dwayne Johnson,  For some reason I like the Rock.   Great movie to take in even if you are not hung over.  Had a very fun time.


The Happening

* This is what the Happening is when you go to the movies to watch a movie and you missed the time.  You end up taking a chance on a movie you never wanted to see in the first place.   This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever paid to see.  It makes a Stephen King movie look like an academy award winner.  Mark Wahlberg? What were you thinking?   One of the better actors in the biz today and you jump on this.   You let a guy like Paul Giamatti do shit like this.   Bad actors need to stick to bad movies.   Not you Mark.  OMG.   John Leguizamo my boy.  Love you but you were terrible.  Not believable at all.    M. Night Shyamalan is turning out to be a one hit wonder.  The Sixth Sense  all bombs after that and this one is the worst.  Just freaking bad.  Make a guy on death row watch this and he will claim abuse.

The Bank Job

***  I have always been a sucker for true stories and this was suppose to be one.   I have never seen any of Jason Statham transporter movies.   I think this is the first movie I have ever seen him in.   Really enjoyed it.   Takes place in England in the 70's.   A former great thief and old  friend, Saffron Burrows   cons him into pulling one final job.   Lots of suspense and slick writing.   How much is true and how much is HollyEngland I guess you will never know.    Really liked it.       Was nice on the big screen but should be a good rental.

10,000 BC

* * I will not waste alot of time with this Movie.  The title will tell you it all.   It was okay but I was expecting more Tiger.  I went this Move to see the Tiger.  Like the ads.  One really good scene is when he set the Tiger free and the rest was all  alot of nothing.   Catch it when it comes on the tube.



**** Sly is at his best even in his 60s.   The only bad thing about this movie is Stallone's hair.   Just didn't match the face.  I didn't know they had hair die deep in the jungle where he lived.    Tinted gray would have made him more believable.   Now back to the movie.   It was awesome.   A blood bath but awesome.    Movies come out every week, year after year after year.   And still no Clint or Sly in the waiting.   Rambo is one of my all time favorite movie characters.   This movie doesn't let you down.

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